What If The World Had No Secrets?

April 15, 2010
Do you think secrets ruin everything? Do you think if you knew all your friends secrets? Would it be any better of a friendship?

I think secrets are the glue between friendships if you knew all your friends secrets your friendship wouldn’t be any better it would just slowly spiral down hill into a dark pit of nothing.

With friends completely gone could you really survive another day?

Secrets are the only thing really holding us together, Secrets are the true bond between lives they keep the friends different and more in themselves instead of everyone else.

I don’t mean to sound rude and all but, some of your friends’ secrets you don’t even need to know because some are pertaining other people instead of just the person you claim to be your “best friend.”

If you knew all of the secrets in the world the world would be in complete chaos, the world would completely freeze in a period of complete silence, you know what happened? Secrets caused everyone in the world to split apart and with all friends gone you’ll feel alone and end up letting yourself to rot away.

So next time you say “We’re best friends, we tell each other EVERYHTING!” think again if you knew everything you probably wouldn’t be friends any more.

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