Apollo the Greek God

April 8, 2010
By sayre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
sayre BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Apollo was one of the many great gods in Greek mythology.
Apollo was son of Zeus and Leto, and twin brother of Artemis. Apollo was born in the little island of Delos. Apollo was called the Delian from Delos, where he killed a python with his bow and arrow. Apollo was much loved and respected figure on Mount Olympus, where his father, Zeus was ruler. Clearly, Apollo is an important Greek God.

Apollo was an extremely admired handsome, young man. Portrayed as a young manly figure, Apollo was strong and heroic, saving Delos from a Python. He was considered so admired that other handsome men could be complimented by calling them an Apollo. Apollo was highly admired, especially in Mount Olympus because of his beauty and talents. Apollo was a admired figure in ancient Greek myths.

Apollo possessed many great talents and gifts during his life.
He was one of the best at playing the Lyre, a seven stringed
instrument. Apollo was a skilled archer, and could shoot accurately over a far distance. Apollo was the God of Light, pulling the sun across the sky in a four horse chariot. He was also the God of Truth, and never told a lie. Apollo was an extremely talented God with many remarkable gifts.
Apollo played an extremely important God in Greek mythology. Apollo harnessed four horses every day to pull the sun across the sky. If it was not for Apollo then who would change day to night? How would the God of the Sun do his job? What would people do with out day and night? As you can see no one could function without Apollo’s important role in Ancient Greece.

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