The meal Im thankful for.

April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

The meal I’m thankful for…

This year’s Thanksgiving feast although less decorative was absolutely splendid. The table was covered in a clean white table cloth accented by satiny silver squares that were sewn into the fabric. The tablemats were a dark midnight blue that seemed lighter than they were due to the moderately sized clear crystal chandelier that hung above the dead center of the table. The table itself was mostly covered by the white and silver cloth. The only visible parts of the table were the bottom of the legs that were supporting the table and all of the delicious food were stained a dark color which contrasted the lightly colored table cloth. Throughout the middle of the table sat the main attraction the food. Everything was set upon silver platters that were polished to a mirror finish.

The main part of the meal, the turkey was giving off the savory aroma that it had acquired during nearly a day of basting in delicious juices and fresh herbs. The turkey itself was cooked to a perfect golden brown with crisp skin and tender meat. Directly to the right of the turkey on the table was laying a perfect section of ham. The outside of the ham was a dark red that sat in the juices that accumulated during the cooking process. It almost invited you to cut a slice of the juicy meat. To the left of the turkey sat a particularly large serving of stuffing. The stuffing was bursting with sliced cashews and bread cubes that were cooked in apple sauce to retain the moisture. Next inline was the delicious sweet potato casserole. The light orange color combined with the melted marshmallows and the sweet smell it gave off was what made it a favorite at the table. Lastly was the cranberry sauce. This completed the amazing dinner due to its dark red color and its refreshingly tasteful qualities.

After the group is done with dinner everyone sat back in there chair and let out a sigh of satisfaction. To no one’s surprise there were leftovers, they would make a good meal for another day. It seems that the enormous feast was too much for all of us to handle without the assistance of others.

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