The Incident

April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

The incident I am about to share must never be repeated by anyone who is about to hear it. It was intended to be a private matter that no one was to have an open ear towards. My story is not being told for your opinions about me to change, but for me to be able to prove my reasoning is logical.
For my whole life from childhood, I have been look at as crazy and I was ridiculed for being different. By revealing this story, my story, those views will not be changed, they may even grow stronger. Everyone believed my actions had no pure intentions and I was quickly out casted. The pain of separation from the world soon drew me to opiates, pain relievers, and any other substance that would release me from this anxiety. I bought prescribed drugs and dealt other drugs to get money for the prescribed ones. I had been successful in my drug exchange for many long years. The men and women I worked with knew I had become one of the best and most secretive dealers anyone would find on Long Island. Although I was known as the best dealer by many, I still could not find relief from my pain. But the thought of being the best brought a wave of confidence over me. That confidence soon took over my life. I became sloppy at my exchanged, which I regret and am ashamed of at this moment. It led me to one of my worst decisions.
One dreary night at 12:00 am, I was out making a deal. At most deals, I keep the drugs and money in my pant pocket so there would be no chance of them falling out. But that night, I thought it would be safe to put them in my jacket. With the goods in my outer pocket, I strolled down my block. Out of nowhere, my neighbor’s dog came running towards me, with my neighbor not far behind. The disgusting creature stuck its filthy mouth in my pocket and snatched out my goods. It threw the drugs on the floor, which my neighbor then picked up and looked at suspiciously. I grabbed them out of his hand and ran as fast as I could to my house. I knew that I would obviously have to destroy my neighbor to save myself from being arrested. My first thought was to ram my car into their house, at the exact spot where he was. I was immediately proud of that idea and decided to follow through with it in the morning. I regret letting my stupid decisions make my life and decide every outcome. The next morning when I got out of bed, I took some of my drugs. I thought that if I got caught I would have less criticism if everyone knew I crashed my car because I was on drugs. I got in my car soon after and backed out as fast as I could. Unfortunately I lost control and went through the house completely. I tried to leave the demolished house, but in panic I crashed into my own house. I tried to escape the scene, but I couldn’t because my leg had been injured. Now at this point, I have learned what my stupid decisions will do to my life. They cost me my sanity and my reputation in this world.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the writing style of Edgar Allen Poe. After reading his short story "The Black Cat" in class, we were assigned to write a piece influenced by that style. We had to find an article (about a crime or something negative) and create astory on one of the people involved.

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