April 11, 2010
Today, I woke up and saw it was October first. I could feel the change from September to October dramatically, and it is precious! October reminds me of so many things, poetry, the beginning of the leaves starting to change colors, laughter, joy, beauty, and my sister whom passed away this May. I'm not sad-nor will I hold sorrow in my heart about her death. She is still alive in the air, She reminds me so much of how beautiful October is. The leaves are going to become brittle soon, and with each and every simple one that falls with it's glorious color, I think of a good time, a memory, a feeling, and it makes it that much easier to realize it's so precious. October symbolizes love to me. It's elegance, it's perpetual sweetness, It's laughter, It's joy, It's innocence.

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