Beacon of Hope

April 10, 2010
By Southerngirl BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Southerngirl BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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The sultry rain pelted the ground, leaving splattered bullet holes in the soil. Puffs of dust exploded as each drop of precipitation plummeted onto earth’s parched face. The bleeding ground leaked a trail of infinite tears that coalesced in puddles of murky despondency. Gusts of arid wind swept across the auburn plain, moaning and wailing as if no hope remained. Dismal, grey clouds depressed the atmosphere with their burdens, encumbering the stagnant air from circulation. A low rumble of thunder tumbled out of the torpid sky and resounded across the plain in throbs of emotion.
A muddy, languid creek whispered shadowy secrets among the indifferent coarse stones scattered along the shallow bottom. Saturated reeds drooped listlessly in the dirt, broken and purposeless. A wandering comatose breeze nonchalantly nudged the lifeless strands in a last apathetic effort to rejuvenate them, but lacked the power to revive their trodden spirits. As far as the eye could see the sodden plain lay barren and desolate save for a solitary object silhouetted against the horizon.

In the midst of this desert of emptiness and sorrow grew a colossal, towering oak tree. Unprecedented, this intrepid maverick boldly embedded itself into the ground, determinedly lacing its burly roots into the recalcitrant soil. The oak’s trunk shot up to the clouds, a lofty giant shod in armor of rough, impenetrable bark. Bulging, robust branches jutted out majestically towards the heavens, glorifying their maker in a perpetual gesture of praise. Adorning the branches were great clusters of lustrous, verdant leaves that sparkled and glistened like dew sprinkled jewels. Giggling, golden sunlight sprinkled each individual leaf, reflecting color and bursting with vigor and mirth. Like raiment for a king, these lavish robes of emerald festooned the magnificent oak in a rippling mantle of luxury.

Every fiber of its being was a living, thriving entity, tingling with an inner personality. Impervious flourished this magnificent titan; a monumental fortress of might; a placard of youth and solidity. This marvel of a tree, though solitary in a vastness of austerity will never conform or adapt to its bleak surroundings. Unique and undaunted, this epic pillar has stood throughout the ages, and will remain steadfast for all eternity; a beacon of hope for all the heavy laden.

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