heaven and hell

April 5, 2010
By zoemelo BRONZE, London, California
zoemelo BRONZE, London, California
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I wondered through the damp rainforest, over and over again. I looked around, and around, searching for an open exit. None was to be found. Leaves and branches covered every inch of the forest.

Faint, distant whispers where heard, they flowed to my listening ear. Coming from the left and right. I was always circulating, everywhere. Making sure nothing was wondering about, behind me or above me.

Demons, witches, and even vampires lurked the rainforests. I had no reason to be frightened the least bit. I could defeat any creature that attacked me.
All but god and other creatures of my kind.

I heard all the sounds to be heard in a rainforest. Waterfalls, water streaming down the Cliffside. I heard as the water splashed amongst the giant rocks in which lie beneath it.
I heard the fish, beneath the water, gaping at the other little fish that chased away.

I heard flapping above me, there a bird was flying away into the darkened forest sky. I gazed above myself. Nothing, other than the bird itself, was to be found. The branch hung as the bird emigrated it.

Before I knew it, -someone or something- I had the wind blew out of me. I felt the coldness of the creature radiating off itself. I lie on the ground, perfectly still, staring up at the monstrous creature.

The beautiful creature had his arms beside my own arms, making it impossible to escape.
His knee’s stood above my straight legs.

I stared up at him and waited, patiently.

His eyes were auburn - a sweet, sweet auburn - some specks flickered through his small eyes. They bared into mine, probably, hoping to frighten me. But the thing is, he did not know what I was. I could not be frightened by this creature. No matter what.

His lips were raised in a tight grin. As I thought of his beauty, everything disappeared.

His mouth was -now- bared behind his sharp teeth. I could see with me sharp eyesight that his skin was soft, and It was very white. This creature was the second dangerous one ever to be recorded. He was a vampire. Vampires where the second dangerous creature, other than the powerful ones, as Yofiel calls us, because they have super speed, heroic vision -aside from us- and have a large amount of power.
That’s all I knew about vampires, but I was sure there was more to be told.
He was going to die if he bit me, I needed to warn him. Why didn’t I kill him this moment? Why had I wanted to tell him? I knew how to defend myself. Me and Duma did it all the time in training.
We practiced defending ourselves from many different creatures, but mostly vampire’s.

"Stop!" I shouted. He paused in his position - leaning closer to get a good bite on my neck - and looked at me, confused, cocking his head to the right.

"I am an angel. My name is Annabelle. I waited, he did not reply. His face was hungry.
“Don't you know anything?" I asked. I hopped that saying this would make him believe me. Because most of it was true, "If a vampire bites an angel, they'll die. Rapidly. You will suffer in hell, I can guarantee that." I said, keeping my eyes on his. Still no reply. His face changed, it was pain now. I knew what he was thinking. He knew he would suffer in hell. He knew for sure I was an angel. He knew I was correct.
"Is that what you wish for?" I continued as he took in my question.

He answered this time, shaking his head. Why didn't he speak? He hadn't moved his position. His expression looked thoughtful now. I waited, and finally decided to count his breaths. 1364 breaths later, he answered my question.

"I suppose you make a good statement." He replied, his cool breath wiping across my stone cold face.
"May you release me, Please?" I asked, attractively. Angel's had the same affect vampires did. Their attraction was as mouth watering and appealing as their own was.
I found him very beautiful in ways, but I had never felt like this with any other creature, especially a vampire. It felt like I respected him even though I was higher than him.
I could kill him whenever, with the snap of my fingers.
But I had no need to. Why was that?

He got up in swift speed.

"My apologies. I was in the midst of hunting." He smiled, "Then you came along. When humans -or angels- interrupt, it's quite difficult to stop from biting then." He said, “I hadn’t known you where an angel. I didn’t think to see if you where, I’m so stupid.”
His hand reached down, gesturing for me to let him help me up.

"That's how many vampires die." He continued, mumbling to himself, "They kill angels."

“Yes.” I grabbed his hand, he pulled me up. We where no more than an inch apart.
It should’ve felt uncomfortable, but I didn’t. He didn’t look the least bit un conftorable.
Our hands where still linked. I didn’t look down at them, to wish for him to let go.
Because I didn’t want him to release our hands. He hadn’t kept his eyes off mine.

“You have glorious angelic eyes, Annabelle.” His breath tickled my face.

I smiled, “As do you.”

This was difficult to process. I felt as if I was in love with him. I forced a laugh.
He supposed it was from what I’d said. It wasn’t.
An angel and a vampire. Who would have ever thought?
Never, In existence had a vampire and angel loved each other.

We were moral enemies. Destined to be enemies. So many legends date back to the deep, deep past.. Fights, very close to extinction-for the vampires-, and wars.
I knew that myself, and … oh dear!- I hadn’t found out his name yet.
Well -whoever his name was- he was bound to be hurt, someway.
We couldn’t get caught speaking to each other.
What would happen? Where would this all end? How?

“What is your name?” I asked, breathlessly, for once.

I had never, ever, been breathless.
Not once. Angels could not -especially by vampires- be shocked, or breathless by any other creature other than ourselves. I couldn’t believe myself, what was I getting into?
For all I knew this could be a trick. This couldn’t -wouldn’t- be real.

“My name?” He said, “My name is Israfel Thanatos.”
I hadn’t heard that name before. Including the last name. Usually rich, royal family’s names were familiar. Not this one.
I was about to reply -comment on how that was such a drastic name that was- until we both heard the branches of a bush, that was to the right of our connected bodies, two hands appeared from the sides, making an entry way for themselves.
Two legs popped out from the opening, then the body flowed out of the hole.

The figures body was turned into somewhat of a bridge, than he caught himself, about to fall, and stood himself upright. “Annabelle, there you are.” Duma, my trainer, smiled. Israfel did not take his eyes off mine. I wondered what was going through his mind this second. I ignored Israfel’s gaze and turned to Duma. “Yes.” I smiled back. “I got lost.”
He looked down at mine and Israfel’s linked hands. Israfel stiffened, and dropped his hands. “Care to explain?” Duma asked, his face turning angry.
“Yes.” I began. “I had been stumbling around the forest not to long ago. I tripped and Israfel caught me in perfect timing.”
I knew I didn’t sound convincing. I couldn’t lie.
“And how is it that your hands ended up linked together?” He asked, not approved.
“The truth is, Israfel was hunting, and he’s very thirsty at the moment - not to mention.
He was in the midst of hunting until I tumbled along his path.” I said the truth this time, “And he pinned me to the ground, thinking I was human. But before he could bite me, and kill himself, I warned him.” I sighed the last part off.
“Hunting? Warned?” Duma stammered, “Why did you not kill him? Why did you not let him bite you?”
“I’m still figuring that part out.” I looked away, blushing. “I never have felt this way before. I don’t understand.”
Should I have told him the truth? I hope it was not a mistake. But I knew one way or another Duma would find out the truth. I felt like it was a mistake to say this in front of Israfel. It would be difficult to be around him if he knew this. And he did.
I had instant feelings for him, that I have never experienced in my whole existence.
That meant a lot to me.
“Never felt this way before?” Duma asked, walking closer to myself and Israfel.
I saw at the corner of my eye, Israfel shifted. Duma could destroy Israfel with the slightest touch…
“Yes. I feel different… warm, actually.” I smiled at the own truth of my words.
I saw Israfel’s face look up at mine, but I did not meet his eyes, afraid to see what expression may be locked inside.
“Warm?” Duma asked, “Turn around, I’ll finish him myself.”
“NO!” I yelled. “Do not touch him, Duma.” I put myself between the angel and vampire.
Duma’s face cringed into confusion. I didn’t say anything more, afraid he would do something.
“What have you become?” He asked, “Taking sides with a vampire? Rather than your own kind- let alone your own family?” The last word he spit was in complete disbelief.
I thought through what he had just said, very deeply. I have become something different, that was true. In this much, much little time I have become different. I had not grasped the full understanding of all this.

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on Sep. 10 2010 at 8:15 pm
singergurl12 GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Fairy tales are true, not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.

great beginning of a story! i love it so far- it really hooked me! other than a BUNCH of spelling/grammar issues- great job! keep writing!

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