Sincerely, I and Love and You

April 5, 2010
By loveyourselfalways BRONZE, University Place, Washington
loveyourselfalways BRONZE, University Place, Washington
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"Every song has a CODA, a final movement. Whether it fades out or crashes away. Every song ends. Is that any reason not to enjoy the music? The truth is, there is nothing to be afraid of. It's just life."

Someone once said that one word will free us from all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.
So many people believe that love is everlasting, but only in its truest form. Some people don’t. Take my brother. He stood up in that church, recited those vows and said always and forever. They never made it to forever. He soon found out about his wife’s affair. But now he is a happy man married to his true love. You could pine for someone forever and ever.
I believe that if you look in just the right place of someone then you could discover love in them. Or you could find out that you never truly loved them in the first place. Think of that one person you “love” and ask yourself, what does love mean to them? If their definition of love is holding onto someone like tomorrow will never come then they love you back. It’s a rare form of energy on our planet. Although some people treat it like dirt, others treat it like a newborn child. To be “in love” someone needs to step up.
Stepping up is a simple concept. It’s the act of becoming mature enough to handle a problem. Like realizing that the person you love forgot to love you back along the way. Stepping up also means to succeed in a challenge. So step up today and fall in love!

“One word will free us from all the weight and pain of life. And that word is love.” -Sophocles


I and Love and You

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after my best friend Maddy was in love. Soon to follow the break up letter.

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