A Red Sock

April 5, 2010
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What goals have you set for yourself and your future?

If I had one goal, it would to be a red sock. I don’t mean literally, but in the way a red sock carries itself among it’s white counterparts. A red sock is different, one that will be noticed among a crowd. It may seem “hum-bug” when mixed in with the white laundry causing it to leave a pinkish imprint, but the impression it leaves is not a stain, it’s a blush. A blush that goes unnoticed until mixed.

That is the type of person I want to be, one that can bring the blush out of everyone. I want to be able to bring out a different color and feeling from others that may seem covered by a bland white shade. If I were a red sock, I would leave the laundry a little faded myself. Being a faded is not a bad thing though, it shows they have left an imprint on me as I have done with them. I want to be able to learn from the experience.

Being able to posses these qualities is essential in my biggest goal to become a nurse. A nurse has to be able to handle a stressful situations calmly and effectively. They must be able to learn from experiences, in order to help themselves, and to lastly, be able to leave an imprint on a patient’s life.

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Carrotgirl808 said...
Apr. 10, 2010 at 4:53 am
I love this essay, it's very different and I liked how you used a red sock as your metaphor! Good Job!
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