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April 1, 2010
By Nick Hanna SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Nick Hanna SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Today’s technology is nearly everything in our lives. The advancing technology allows us to use new ways to sell products. Products are sold using advertisement but every once in a while we get what’s called a “bad ad”

I happen to find an example of a “bad ad.” This ad displays the interior of a car; the car has black leather seats and appears to be a cool, fast sports car. There is also a women with tight shorts pictured in the ad. This is an ad for a leather protectant. The text in this ad suggests that if you want to protect your car leather you need to buy it now. This ad uses bandwagon to make it seem like everyone is buying their product. They also use beautiful people to show if you buy their product you will have a chance of meeting attractive people. This ad shows their product as being superior to their competition. This is a form of group dynamics. This is only one of the many “bad ads” out there today.

Advertising is a creative way to make a buyer change their mind about a product and buy it. As long as you know how to pick out the bad ads you should be able to save yourself money from the false advertisement that’s exposed to you on a daily basis.

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