April 1, 2010
By eKeener BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
eKeener BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
'tonight was a strange morning...'

I am sitting in class as my mind begins to wander away from what we are learning about. I begin to image. Around the classroom I see things begin to change, a short story begins forming. Perhaps around what the teacher is saying, or inspired by posters or things around the room. Perhaps it is just something that has been lingering in my mind from a previous story. That’s when inspiration hits me. I take out a piece of plane white paper and a pencil, and begin sketching the characters and the world I see in my mind. Many of my stories and characters I have come up are born just by daydreaming in class, being outside, on the computer, or watching a movie. I have a very wide range of inspiration and like to jump from one thing to another. Over the summer I constantly drew Lion King style lions. Then I got into Shane Acker’s 9, and began drawing loads of stitchpunks. Recently I have gotten back into Invader Zim and have been drawing Irkens. I lost the game. I have also begun creating my own comic, called W.A.C.I.-With a Chance of Insanity, staring my main characters: Rika Fox Prower, Pyro the Maniac, Ryku Lyon, and Segno AlCoda, along with a few supporting characters like Bippy the alien and Zipperz. All these characters where inspired by other cartoons, such as Sonic, Happy Tree Friends, Disney, 9, and many more. Funny quotes and moments between my friends and I even bring inspiration. Some quotes are: “Tonight was a strange morning…” or “If it was tomorrow I would have been there yesterday.” Haha don’t ask. My inspiration for my artwork has been taken from many different sources. I may have moments where I have no inspiration, but it always comes back to me.

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