Body Shapes

April 1, 2010
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Everybody in my family has a different body shape. My dad is a tall bendy straw who does not gain weight easily. My mom was like an apple before she began to exercise; she had a larger bust and stomach, with thinner legs. She is now more of an hourglass, like me. Ever since I was in middle school I have noticed my curves starting to form. My friends envied that part of me.
I look up to my mom because of what she has done with her body shape. Her shape has gradually transformed into a beautiful blissful body. My mom has encouraged me to continue with my exercising. I see what she has accomplished and know that I can achieve and maintain a healthy body too.
Body shape is what makes us stand out from the rest of my family. The majority of my family is larger in size. I feel it is important to stay as a happy hour-glassed individual, so I will follow that pattern of my mom which is to exercise frequently to stay fit for life.

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