Trapped in an Elevator

April 1, 2010
By dllanas BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
dllanas BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The large, elegant doors of the tiny elevator in the grand Hilton Hotel opened as Dick Vitale slowly walks in; analyzing his notes on the next two teams he shall be broadcasting for. As he situates himself in the corner, he notices a large dark figure in the corner with long dreadlocks and a baseball cap slanted to the left with bling from his ears to his shoes. In the other corner he views a tall, skinny man with black hair and dressed in a simple manner. The doors close smooth and quiet.
“WHAT! Is that Dicky V?” said Lil’ Jon
“Oh baby, look at this guy, Lil’ Jon!” said Dick Vitale.
The elevator is humming and gliding upward, Next thing they know the elevator comes to a screeching halt, as nearly everyone falls to the ground
“OH NO, This high flyin’ action has come to a stop!”
“OHHH REEEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYY?” as you see the third figure come out of the darkness, Mr. Jim Carrey.
“WHAT? OKAAYY, GET CRUNK!!” said Lil’ Jon
“So, how we gunna get out of this?” said Jim Carrey.
“I say we try the slam, jam, bam baby!!!” said Dick at the top of his hoarse, scratchy voice.
“YEEEAAAHHH, LET”S GO!!!!!” said Lil’ Jon as he slams his pimp cup against the buttons trying to get the elevator moving.
Out of nowhere Jim Carrey jumps up and opens the top of the elevator, “If I’m not back in five minutes...just wait longer.”
“Oh baby, this guys crazy!!!!” said Dick, with a worried but somewhat sure look on his face that Jim knows what he’s doing.

Suddenly, the lights flicker in the elevator and come back on as it slowly nudges down back to the first floor as indicated by the lights inside. The doors open and let Lil’ Jon and Dick Vitale out, then Dick notices something out of place.

“Hey where’s Jim?” said Dick.

“WHAT?” said Lil’ Jon as he looked from the window, to the wall, as they couldn’t see where he went.
So without any clue on what to do next, or where to look next they went on with their day but while still pondering, what happened to Jim Carrey?

The author's comments:
Had to do it for a class

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