Should cigar and cigarettes tax increase?

March 31, 2010
By Anonymous

Over the years, people have been smoking their lungs black. Smoking products should increase in tax so that America will hopefully change in the future.

Over 400,000 deaths occur a year from smoking alone, and 60,00 deaths from second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is when a smoker, smokes around or near a nonsmoker. Increasing the tax of these products will keep children from dying of second hand smoke.

One of many reasons why cigars and cigarettes tax should increase is so that many people will cut down on buying tobacco. Smokers would notice the price of tobacco, and stop buying them. Many people these days are serious with money, especially now that a recession has begun. Money is easy to lose at this time and the tax increase will decrease the amount of tobacco bought every day.

On the other side of the argument, smokers believe that smoking is the only way to get rid of stress. Some teen smokers would say that “it makes me feel cool”, or “everyone’s doing it”. The only good that smoking does is, provide the company that made the tobacco with money to feed their children.

Even though some believe that smoking is alright if your mad or depressed, there are many different ways to calm down. When I get mad and frustrated, I take part in a physical activity such as boxing. When I’m stressed I simply listen to music that lifts my spirit, not smoke.

The main reason why the tax should increase, is so that it would teach a lesson to all smokers out there, that are wondering why they are losing money so quickly. They will kill you if you continue to smoke.

In conclusion I think that cigars and cigarettes tax should increase for the benefit of our parents, children, and siblings sake.

The author's comments:
for alll the smokers sake

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