Why I love Skiing

March 30, 2010
By Michael Finch SILVER, Park City, Utah
Michael Finch SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Even though some of the people in Park City don’t like to ski I still think it is the best way to pass time in Park City. It is a great thing to do because you can ski any day all winter. I love it because it is something that I am good at. It is also fun because I am able to express myself in the way that I ski because everybody has a unique skiing style. Skiing is a great thing to do when I am bored in the winter I do not know what I would do all winter if I did not ski.

Skiing is a great way for somebody to express themselves. It is because some people like to ski in the terrain park and do jumps and rails. Other people like to ski race and go very fast. Then there are people like me who like to ski in the powder, ski steep runs, and drop cliffs. I think that everybody in Park City who does not ski is wasting a lot of there time in the winter doing nothing when they could be doing something great and hugely accessible to us in Park City.

One thing that I love to do when I am skiing is to hike into the backcountry. The backcountry of a ski resort is the part of the mountain that is beyond the boundary of the mountain resort. I like to hike to the backcountry because very few people do it so that is where all of the fresh snow is. The lack of people in the backcountry is also good because I like the feeling of the seclusion from the crowds inside the boundaries of the ski resort. There are also a lot of risks when going into the backcountry, you could get caught in an avalanche if you are not safe and cautious enough when doing it, and you could have a big crash and break a bone that could prevent you from getting into the ski resort and to treatment of the break. I think the most fun thing to do when skiing is going into the backcountry.

I think when people don’t ski in Park City it is really weird because I do not know what they would do for the whole winter. I know that if I did not ski I would have absolutely nothing to do. Skiing is hands down the best thing to do in Park City because it is so accessible to us and if you don’t ski it is a waste of all of the mountains and the good snow that we have here in Park City. I don’t know what I would do if I did not ski.

Park City is the best place in the world to ski. I love to ski and don’t know what I would do if I did not ski. I like the versatility of skiing and all of the different ways that you can do it.

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