The Reality of Love

March 30, 2010
By stephany BRONZE, Calamba City, Other
stephany BRONZE, Calamba City, Other
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A deep ocean of patience, an everlasting river of forgiveness, a sweet melody of affection in the midst of silence, a wonderful admiration like when you see a beautiful flower that blossoms in a desert, a gentle touch of raindrop, a genuine pearl of kindness, a shining star of understanding that gives life to a dark night and a pain that hurts till the bottom of our soul, like a wound of a soldier, love is more than that. Love can never be defined because it is love that truly defines us.

Sometimes, in our journey when we least expect it, even when we don't need it or we're not ready for it, love will knock at our doors. You need not to welcome it, for it is like a wind that will automatically breathe new life into your world and make a difference. Sometimes in an unexpected place and time you will meet a person who will make you believed that it is worthy to be loved and to love. That person will completely change you. First, by the way you talk then the way you walk, and act and suddenly you will just realize that nothing has ever left at you.You will find yourself drowning in the sea of addiction, yet even you're almost dying you can't stop thinking of that person you would like to save you. When you're under this feeling everything seems to be so beautiful that even when the whole world is already sleeping, still there is sweet melody that echoes in your memory. Once again you were like a child who believes in fairy tales, that once upon a time there was a prince and a princess who fell in love with one another and live happily ever after. The dream behind is that you are the princess and he is the prince and the other way around.

Sooner or later the magical dream will turn into a wild nightmare and it's hard to escape from it.The first stage of pain is due to your undying desire o be with that person., your eagerness to spend every moment with him. It's like you would like your whole world to stop and watch his every move, witness every blink of his eye and listen to his softest whisper. More and more pain will come along the way and in the end you will be left at only one choice, letting go. Just as you thought he came by to complete the missing piece and fulfill your emptiness you'll end up realizing that he just came by to say hi and then goodbye.He just came by to tell you that it is an imperfect world and you have to let him free. How then can you accept the fact that he wants you to let go of him. If you really love him why then will you open the cage of your valuable bird when you know that it has wings and once it learns how t o fly it will never come back again to tat cage ? Well, love explains it all, cause love is not love till it sets the hurt free.

Maybe that's what loving is . It's not about what else can you give but what else can you afford to loose.It is sacrificing your interest and happiness for the joy of the person you love the most. Sometimes letting go is a means of showing your profound, unfathomable and heartfelt love for someone. It is because of your deep and abundant love for hat person that you will choose to embrace all the ache agony anguish suffering and discomfort of heartbreak. It is painful for it crushed your heart into tiny pieces and injure your soul that much. And like fixing a mirror hat had been broken mending a broken heart is twice as painful. But these pains these will help you to grow and develop yourself. The best thing in this imperfect world id seeing yourself rising up again after a tremendous storm Loving is about moving on and letting go.You can tie one's neck on your hand you can alway fool yourself and imprison someone in your mind, but every person has one single soul who will lift his spirits up and go to any place where he could be happy

Hard to believe difficult to accept but yes like a star that fades and a beautiful song that ends, love sometimes is not forever. Same is true that love is not love till it hurts.

The author's comments:
This is very important article for me. I wrote this from the bottom of my heart, and yes I would like to share it to the world. I hope and pray that you'll like it

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