Three Silly Friends

March 29, 2010
By Anonymous

They are the only ones who brighten my day. I am the only one who will always be there. Three silly friends with wide smiles and not a worry in the world. Three amongst hundreds of other students at this school. Three unforgettable friends there to get me through my troubles. From growing up with them I know it, but some say they are just another student at this school.

Their personalities are uplifting. They send waves of laughter throughout the day. They have their ups and they have their downs but their kindness always shines through. This is how they inspire.

Let one forget their reason for being, we’d all feel like we are missing someone. Someone very important to us. Someone who keeps us together. Someone who inspires us to be better. Inspire, inspire, inspire, friends encourage every day. They encourage.

When I am too upset and too tired to keep encouraging, when I am just another student in the school, then it is I who look at friends. Three who brighten my day. Three who send laughter my way. And three who inspire every day.

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