March 29, 2010
By BenWar GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
BenWar GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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My family there are two types. Straight and curly. I side with my mother. Our hair is naturally straight as the roads in the middle of Illinois. She curls it though to give it character. My brother is on the side with my dad. Curly is their path. My brother’s hair is like Trevor Block, an afro type. First glance someone could say my dad’s hair is straight; however, let it grow and curls start to appear.
We all unify over color: brown. Brown like the bark on a maple. My mother has multiple colors with her highlights. My dad is losing the family brown and is getting the family gray.
My hair has always been called the “duck” hair. Still to this day water just runs off my hair like a duck. My neighbor would sit on his porch and yell hey Fabio nice hair, as it covered his eyes with the afro curls.
My family is sided Curly like my dad’s family and straight like my mom's…

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