March 29, 2010
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Our hair has similarities, but it also has differences. My dad’s hair is like a wave from the ocean rocking back and forth, a wave from the ocean. It’s not too short and not too long. In the waves of his hair are big curly circles that intertwine with each other. My sister was born with hair that was as blonde as a faded yellow shirt. It’s smooth like satin or silk and very thick. My brother has hair like Alfalfa from The Little Rascals’. He has crazy cowlicks all over his head that create a problem when it needs to look nice. Mom’s hair can act anyway it wants and it doesn’t always listen. Sometimes it’s sleek and as stick straight as a ruler and other times it has small, sharp curls.
My hair seems to be a combination of everyone’s hair. I have wavy curls that bounce all over like my dad. Sometimes it starts to straighten out just like my mom’s hair does, which I really don’t enjoy. I don’t have as many cowlicks as my younger brother but I do have a few hidden in all of my hair. When you grab my hair, it’s thick and strong like my older sister’s hair. Our hair has similarities, but it also has differences.

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