Ten Million Blinks

March 29, 2010
By Robbie Denniston SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Robbie Denniston SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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They are the only ones that have seen it all. I am the only one who controls them. Ten million rushed blinks containing all my memories. Ten million who flow through my head. Ten million that can’t be erased or forgotten. From every step I’ve ever taken and every breath I’ve breathed, they have been there.
Their knowledge is frightening. They can see. They can see who’ve I been and who I have become. It is what no person could ever do.
You can feel yourself back in those moments, back in that time. You see it and then it’s gone. Gone, gone, gone, because you blinked.
When you are lonely and you need some where to go, they are there. Ten billion rushed blinks are always there. When you want to leave them, you can’t. Ten million rushed blinks in your mind. Ten million thoughts that make you laugh and make you cry. The million that were too long and too short.

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