Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

March 26, 2010
By Sk8ergur4 BRONZE, GrandPrairie, Texas
Sk8ergur4 BRONZE, GrandPrairie, Texas
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the light touch of the wind, the sound of the arrival of the waves emerging itself with the nose of the giant rocks along the breezy surface. You feel the sand like molding clay with your toes in that soft tiny fragmented soil. The taste of refreshment fused with the sweet aroma of sea water, as it glides through oxygen like the scent of freshly done bread right out of the bakery. You open your eyes to realize you're girdled by teal blue to extensive depths, now outlined by the mixture of a pink and orange aura nestled at the banks of the over-all light blue sky, outlining its every interior, and making its beautiful body vivid. The once crystal clear quiet location is now accompanied with laughter. Though scarcely populated, celestial it remains. Myrtle Beach truly is an eternal paradise. One day I hope you see how truly wonderful it is. You should see it! As you make footprints in the sand, new discoveries are gradually pulled to shore. When the sun sets and dawn rises the tides come in and wash away all your worries. Any emotions you could ever be going through could never win a battle against the waves. They encircle your every weakness until you are consumed with its beauty and precious peace. The remedy of its atmosphere calms your fears, and relieves you of strife. It is a perfect place for you when you’ve been needing to get your mind off things. You need an escape. You need paradise. With the teamwork of the tides, and the heat of the sun, your rays would rise up to the sun. They would act as a stream from a heated body, now soothed by the efforts to release you of your chains keeping your mood constant. You're back facing the extraordinary sky. The light so luminous its blinding your vision with its magnificence. This is one place you will have no need to examine the clouds in the sky, for they are never sullen like most. The wind blowing your hair diligently telling you to embrace this moment. Frantically you search your purse to capture the radiating sunset before it transforms again. As you stand beside the ocean you suddenly feel so small. The few kids around began to make dunes and sand castles with Joy and happiness filling their covers. You turn opposite of the sun and see houses close to the shore and wooden pillars to keep from the wrath of the waves that begin to thrust against its sides when the tides come in. You walk along the beach with the reflection of midnight blue glistening off of the water. With no light other than that of the moon marking your path it is difficult not to trip over rocks or step over crabs as they side step towards any object present with acceleration. You must be careful when the dark sky is above because there are many creatures that like to come out at night. You must watch for the tides or you may be wiped out by the rapid waves like a piece of trash gets swept up by a broom. Also there are jellyfish that rely in the waters as well. As there are many wonderful, remarkable things to love and enjoy about this marvelous paradise, there are some cautions as well. But its beauty is forever abundant none the less. Look to the stars hovering in the sky, and thank god with reverence for allowing you to stumble upon this divine beauty. I assure you, the thought of leaving will cease. There are so many delightful activities to occupy your time. One of many that are very common are singing and dancing to campfire songs, or perhaps you would prefer roasting marshmallows over a warm and cozy fire. Thermal energy in your surroundings intertwining your comfort with its flames like an old women sitting in a rocking chair humming and pulling her needle through thread incessantly as her mood is isolated in lull. The main reason that people choose beaches to visit for vacations that everyone seems to brush aside is that when you are in a new environment you tend to get lost in its discomfort. Although it may seem most that you enjoy, and would rather consider being comfortable, you are merely putting aside the truth that discomfort is sometimes the answer to your acceptance. There are times when you just need to get away from everything ordinary to you and do something different. You become so consumed in your surroundings that you don't ever want to leave. But when you do you start to realize you have developed a yearning to be familiar with the unfamiliar once again. Say you go to a camp and you had to do a lot of work, but also there was so much more freedom you never thought you would receive. You naturally say that you don't like it, but in the end you're the one on your hands and knees allowing molten liquid to cascade down your fragile face wishing you could go back. Your atmosphere can make a huge difference. The people you're with, the things you do, it all affects you. Next time you just need to get some time away from the regular and create a new, I advise Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to you.

The author's comments:
To write this piece i had to put my past in a box reserved to be shredded into tiny fragments that could never be revived. But before i did that, i wanted to allow a strip of that heart wrenching moment to gradually flow out of my heart so i can release my grasp on it for good. A few trips i had taken inspired me to write of this article. A trip to Myrtle Beach when i was very young that i vaguely recalled, and a trip to Oklahoma with my church. It was an amazing experiance for me, but there were some times that were in that time to tough to get through. Now i see it was all a part of the setting in my story i had to go through to be where i am now. And i am very grateful to have God use me in such way.

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