March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Youth violence affects my life daily while I’m walking through the halls at school. I see people getting thrown into lockers, and people getting tripped. I haven’t had any violence confront me, I just try and stay away from it all. Something about violence is I see more violence going on than I do feeling it towards me! I’m not confronted with any violence in my neighborhood, house, or at school. Some causes of youth violence in our community would probably be just about really stupid reasons to just cause conflict!

There is just one violence that has occurred in my life with all my friends. I hang out with a huge group of girls, we all are very different in many ways. Some of us go off with ones that we get along with best and some just stay as a huge group. I do admit that we all have our moments when we backstab each other, and we just talk about someone in good ways and sometimes bad ways. There are some days when we all get along so well and some other days when we just can’t even look at each other. We could always prevent all this bullying by watching what goes on around school or even around town.

If you see any types of bullying you should be the one to go let someone know what you are seeing and let them know how you feel about this. There should be no reason for kids getting bullied if they did nothing wrong! I feel that kids that get bullied have more problems in life because of the way they are getting treated at school. School is a place to come to, and feel like your in a good and safe environment. There for nobody should be getting bullied.

So if you see anyone getting bullied take action and tell them that it’s not right, and they better stop.

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