March 29, 2010
By Ben Mills SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Ben Mills SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The product in my advertisement is Caress. It is a body wash typically used by women. The targeted audience is women of any age looking for good, healthy, and beautiful skin. In this advertisement there is a naked beautiful women, she looks very happy and confident with her skin. There is no scene or story taking place in the advertisement, there are just two images. One of the images is the naked women. The other image is a picture of a Caress bottle with a women standing on it getting water poured all of her. It shows that women care about their hygiene and skin and always want to look good no matter the occasion. The topic being covered is the naked women in the middle of the advertisement. She is naked because they are trying to get girls to see that if they use Caress they will eventually look as good as this woman and have as nice of skin as this woman. The message in the advertisement is that if you use Caress Evenly Gorgeous body wash it will exploit and moisturize your skin revealing its smoothness and your polished skin. One of the objects in this advertisement is the body wash bottle with the women standing on it taking a shower with the soap running down the side of the bottle. It means that women are all about have clean and smooth skin. The advertisement is trying to say that women are more into looking good and having nice skin. Men don’t care as much as women, where they just put on old, dirty clothes, and they don’t shower as much because they don’t care as much as looking good. This relates to “Why Gender Matters” because boys are willing to take risks, the risk that they might get made fun of for what they are wearing or look like. Girls are not as willing to take that risk and wake up really early to make sure they look good and their clothes look good. So girls are more likely to use this body wash and men are more likely to not shower and not look good because they just don’t care.

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