my life is gone

March 24, 2010
By Windas BRONZE, Tangerang, Other
Windas BRONZE, Tangerang, Other
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I have a life, you have a life. We are both have a life. We ford this life. But we are different. You have a good life, but i am not. We are different, you can take your way, but I can’t. I imagin, if I can be like you, have a good life and not waste my time. But it’s gone. I don’t have another chance for change my life. Gone. Where?. I don’t know. God may know, what I feel this time. People around me do not care. They only care with their life. Gone and gone. My life is gone. I am tired to ford this life, I want it’s over. I want have a best life. I look around me, many people enjoy their life. Do not care what’ll happen soon. Every night I thinking about life, will I dead tomorrow? I’m scared. I have a lot of sin. I am not a good people, but I am trying. Where I can share my time with my family, and people I loved. But, it’s a destiny, we can’t change it.

The author's comments:
we can't change our destiny.

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