Healthcare Reform

March 23, 2010
By Scottathan BRONZE, Rossville, Georgia
Scottathan BRONZE, Rossville, Georgia
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Some demand it. Others want it, but do not know the outcomes of such an expensive program. What do people need to know about it? This ten-year, $940 billion measure represents the largest expansion of the social safety net since Medicare was enacted more than fifty years ago. Is it necessary to spend this much money when we are already trillions of dollars in debt? Maybe.

The intended effect of this program is to provide healthcare for the poor, who cannot afford it. An uninformed person will support this idea, but they fail to recognize the problem of how the “poor” will afford it. The plan says healthcare will be provided by the government, but does it say for how long? Maybe, but not directly. Few things provided by the government are free for long. It may be free for a while, but eventually, I believe, the agencies providing will charge normal price for the coverage. Where does the money come from? The middle class people. Obama always talks about how he respects the middle class for working so hard earning a decent pay. If they get enough money, raise their taxes and give the extra money to the poor. Better yet , just use it to pay for the programs. BAM! Healthcare reform.

If the lower class people are given this coverage and get to keep it, the plan says that the government intends to raise the amount of insured Americans from 83% to 95%. The other 5% will still be without. Oh well, it’s only 5%...

The vote is passed, and many have been irked, other pleased. The intended effect of healthcare reform is positive, but will the actual effect be negative? The government should not put the majority of the nation into debt by raising taxes for a program, which in turn puts the nation into deeper debt, and creates more “poor people.” For these reasons, I think America would be fine without healthcare reform for the time being.

The author's comments:
As many others do, I love debating about politics. This was an assignment for my social studies class, and now everyone can see my opinions on it. Enjoy!
*Please do not criticize me personally, as these are only my personal opinions.

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