The Gift

March 22, 2010
By vegerain BRONZE, Poolesville, Maryland
vegerain BRONZE, Poolesville, Maryland
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Have you ever read something, and you just keep reading it and reading it, until suddenly you have finished another book, and five hours of your life is gone. What is it about that book or that story that just makes you want to keep reading it? If you ask any English teacher in any school in any state they will probably tell you that it’s the authors language choice, or transition words, but what really is it? Writers have this gift inside of them that wants to break free, wants to be screamed to the world. They all have their stories to tell, their memories to share, and they do that in the most beautiful and touching way they know how. They write down their stories that are laced with truth and experience. Words that sing to your soul so you can suck them up and let the words fly free from the paper. Every good writer has this passion behind them that drives them to write down their stories until late at night, a passion that helps them understand themselves and everyone and everything around them. Whatever drives them to write, whether its despair, joy, or just that raw emotion that you get when you write something that is too beautiful to explain, yet you somehow do capture it on paper, whatever it is that drives you to write, stay with it and keep writing because without stories and writing works to speak for us what we can’t say ourselves we will just be forgotten, and nobody will know what its like to read something that talks through time, right into the human soul.

The author's comments:
this piece is something that I think everyone can relate to who has ever written anything, and it just sort of sums up what it is like to do something that I love to do.

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