The Conference of animals

March 22, 2010
By ozone-77 GOLD, Belleville, New Jersey
ozone-77 GOLD, Belleville, New Jersey
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Death smiles at us all, and all a man can do is smile back.

Mr. William D. Vulture, went up to the podium, and asked “Who would like to be our first speaker, for today’s meeting”. Someone, somewhere in the audience raised his hand and said “I will”. Mr. V asked the person to state his name. The person went up to the podium and looked at the audience, and said “I am Noble H. Wolf, and I would like to say we need to cultivate more land, so we can build new houses, to build new stores and factories.” Someone in the audience hissed “Don’t forget about the money, we NEED more money”. Who are you said, Mr. Wolf. The person hissed back and said “I am Isaac A. Snake”. And yes you are correct Mr. Snake we do need more money, but we need to approach this delicately. Someone else in the audience snorted and said “We need more nuclear plants, more oil, more bombs, and weapons to sell and buy. So we can keep things stable and running, so we can protect ourselves from any threat that presents itself”. And who are you said Mr. Wolf. The person stood up and said “I am Sir Thomas F. Pig the 3”, and sat back down. As Mr. Wolf was about to speak, someone in the audience quickly stood up and identified himself as, Mr. Michael P. Dove. He said “what about us that leaves in those places where will we go when you start your constructions. What will happen to those who die from the guns that you sell, and who do you need to protect yourselves from if you just set your differences aside and get along?” Mr. Snake hissed “Thisssssss isssssss life it’sss what we do”. Then someone else said “What about the humans, there in danger of becoming endangered”. Mr. Wolf growled “what about them there just animals, and who are you anyway”. The person slowly stood UP and said “I am Adam H. Sheep, and are we not animals too”.

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