a day in the mall

March 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Sunday night, I’m in the mall with my friends buying shoes or clothes. We when to a lot of stores that i didn’t remind what all the stores we when were called.

“ hey, Luis, can I get borrow your IPhone to call my parents” said Jose.” Its getting dark and they might get worrried.”

“sure, the code is 4563 to unlock it” I replied.

It was almost midnight and we were playing video games in the arcade room. After a while we when to eat lunch. Since I invited them to the mall I payed everything. I had 500 dollars left and we were heading to buy me a nike air shoe. I told my friends to wait for me in the exit while I pay for my shoe.

“okay lets go guys” I said. “ Jose can you give me my iphone back please”

“what are you talking about” he replied. “ I gave it to you two hours ago”.

And that’s when I noticed that he wasn’t kidding. I did remember he giving me my iphone back but were did I had left it. So we when back to the stores to look for my iphone. But when we asked everyone in the stores the answer they gave us was nope or no. I was getting worry because that iphone caused me 125 dollars and I was not going to lost it in a day. I told my friends to go back to the stores we had gone too and tell everyone inside if they had seen a black with white Iphone. And meet in the arcade room in 30 minutes. After 30 minutes had passed they had told me that they had asked everyone inside the stores we when and they told them the same answer they told me when I asked them too,Nope and they havent seen it.

But after an hour and twenty minutes I remmember going to the restroom and I felt something fell on the trashcan. And so I told my friends were I think I had left or forgoten my iphone.and when I entered the…

“ restroom” jose said. “ I don’t think he be that stupid to left his iphone in the restroom”.

“but you know what they say about restrooms” siad jose’s little brother.”what happens in the restroom, stays in the restroom”.

And everyone laughed when I came out.

“ its not there, man where could it be” I said in my mind. “ God, please give me a sign”
And that’s when an old lady came out of the girls restroom. And I asked her.

“ miss have you seen an iphone in the boys restroom” I said.

“ nope, have you lost your phone” she said.

“ yes, but I cant find it anywhere” I said, sadly.

“ well have you checked all of your pockets” she said.
And that’s when I had finally found my iphone thanks to help of an old lady and to god for a sign that he made. We were all that trouble to look for my iphone when I was already had it with me on my pocket. Next time I will have to put glue on my hand so I don’t forget were I had put my iphone or we will have to go check all the stores again.

“well guys time to go cause tommorow theres school” I said.

“ but, Luis, its already 8:30 am and school starts in 30 minutes”.

“ then what are we waiting here for lets go” I said. Running to the truck to leave for school.

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