Eye's of an Assassin (Prologue)

March 18, 2010
By LovelyMystery BRONZE, Levene, Maryland
LovelyMystery BRONZE, Levene, Maryland
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“Please! I don’t want to die!”
“That’s funny because I’m not so convinced,” the man replied; as his right hands slid down his pocket to grab his gun while the knife in the other hand.
“I’ll do anything…just please…don’t kill me,” the women pleaded in gasps; Not only out of fear, but pain. There was a deep gash in the inside of her thighs.
The man leaned forward and cupped her cheek gently, caressing her lips with his thumb.
“Anything?” he asked, as he leaned closer to whisper in her ear. “You would do anything?” he repeated.
It ran shivers down her spine.

“Anything,” the women answered.
“Do you know what I want?” he questioned the women while leaning closer so their lips could brush against each other. As his right hand came into view…”I want you to…die.”
She slumped into a fetal position as the smoke from the gun’s barrel penetrated the air.

The author's comments:
Most stories are the views of a hero, but mine is about an assassin. It's good to look at things in different ways. I am only posting the prologue and the prologue only.

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