Embryonic stem cell research

March 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Embryonic Stem cell research

"An ethicist ... told me that [a] cluster of cells is the same way you and I, and all the rest of us, started our lives. One goes with a heavy heart if we use these [embryonic stem cells], he said, because we are dealing with the seeds of the next generation."- George W. Bush.
"I am all for finding a cure for any and every disease known to man, but there are certain issues that outweigh just finding a cure and doing research and life is one of those. ... As much as I'm for research, nothing outweighs the pro-life issue. [With embryonic stem cell research] you're taking human life."- Kurt Warner, Arizona Cardinals quarterback.
Stem cell research is a topic that people have been debating for years. The study of stem cells will help us better understand how the cells transform into the cells that make us who we are today. Some serious problems such as cancer and birth defects happen somewhere in the process of the formation of our stem cells. Thus, the reason for studying it is for the cures.
There are different types of stem cell research though, like somatic and embryonic stem cell research. I believe in somatic stem cell research, but embryonic I do not. Embryonic stem cell research should not be allowed because the preparation of the human embryo for the research requires the destruction of the embryo which is believed to be human life. Also because embryonic stem cell research involves in-vitro fertilization which produces more embryonic stem cells to research. And although it is not the normal way to create life, they are still destroying the human embryos for research when they are using petri dishes.
To understand what stem cell research is one must first understand the base of it. Stem cells are probably the most important cells in our body, when we are embryos they help create the other cells such as blood cells, brain cells, tissue cells, or muscle cells. Stem cells are far more significant when we are being bred in the womb rather than when we are fully grown adults. They live mostly in our bone marrow now. They replace cells and repair cells. They also have the ability to divide and multiply to fill in dead cells spots. This is how they cure diseases.

There are two different types of stem cell research. There’s embryonic stem cell research, which is extracting stem cells from embryos, and there is the extraction of stem cells from adult bone marrow (somatic stem cell research). Embryonic stem cell research is the main debate. One side says it should not be allowed because it involves the destruction of the human embryo in its early stages of life. The other side says the human in the embryo has no features, as it is called a blastocyst in that early of a stage.
Embryonic stem cell research involves the destruction of embryos, which in other words means, the destruction of that future life. Although they may be gaining valuable information about stem cells it is still morally wrong. It is a proven fact that somatic stem cell research has benefited to cures more than embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic has not cured anything yet, in fact it has led to the creation of tumors when used in other tissues. Somatic has been commonly used for the last 40 years, and it has been used successfully.
This view is the same for in-vitro fertilization. In-vitro fertilization is the combination of the sperm and egg in a petri dish. Scientists do this to increase the number of stem cells they can remove from human embryos. Although it is not the normal way to create life, it is still considered human life in that early of a stage and therefore some believe it to be morally wrong.

There is also the argument over whether or not it’s wrong to extract the stem cells if the person was planning on having an abortion anyways. If they decide to have an abortion then they have the choice to donate their aborted baby to science. This leads into the whole abortion conflict. Abortion and Stem cell research are the same in many ways. Abortion takes away life from a developing human being, and embryonic stem cell research takes away life from a developing human being. Embryonic stem cell research just does it a little earlier.

A lot of the reason we even have an argument over embryonic stem cell research is because of religion. Religion plays a huge role in the way people’s minds operate. I am driven by religion to oppose Embryonic Stem cell research.

Earlier you read the quotes by George W. Bush and Kurt Warner from the Arizona Cardinals. I hope you now understand their views and mine on embryonic stem cell research. It is the destruction of human life in the earliest stages of life. We all started out as blastocysts. If someone decided to extract your stem cells when you were a blastocyst you would not be here reading this right now. Who says we have the right to control a life or death situation of someone else’s life?

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