Going To the Past and Making People Mad!

March 17, 2010
By Deathlykiss BRONZE, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Deathlykiss BRONZE, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
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"Live like your dying" and "I'm too pretty to die" I don't really know who said those two first so I can't really give anybody credit, but I really love those sayings.

Going To the Past and Making People Mad!

Chapter 1. Who?

Angela was sitting at her desk desperately trying to finish her homework for Math. She sighed knowing if she doesn't finish her work she will be grounded and worst beaten up by her parents. Nobody knew she was abused her parents made sure she didn't have any friends. They even made sure that the teachers hated her. She hated it there and if she could escape she would. She finally finished her homework closing the book she got up,went to her dresser, and got out her pj's. She slowly got dress trying to keep from hitting her new forming bruise. 'I wish I could fly away like those birds I saw today.' She sighed knowing it would never happen even if she died trying she would never escape the claws of her cruel fate.
Then when Angela turn to look out her window she saw a strange glow. She went to downstairs and quietly slipped out the back door. One thing she knew not to do is to wake up her drunk parents. The glow was coming deep within the forest. Angela hestitated for a moment before silently walking to source of the light. When she got there the light was basking some sort of house or some type of structure for Angela sure didn't know.

"Careful dear," said a voice suddenly. Angela turned frighten. "It's okay dear I'm not going to hurt you."

"What is it," she said quietly.

"It's a time machine," the voice said belonging to a short man with graying hair.

"Really," she said intrested."Yes my dear," he said smiling, "I finally got it to work." Angela stared at the magnificant machine he eyes wider than a saucer.

"Wow," she said.

"You must be getting on home dear."

"Can't I stay here?"

"Of course dear, but won't your parents worry."

"They don't even care that I'm alive," she said bluntly.

"Oh," the man said too startled to say anything else.

"So," said Angela trying hard to change the subject.

"I have an wonderful and magnificent idea," said the old man suddenly that it frightened her just a bit, "Dear do you want to go on an adventure?"
"Yes," she said excitedly.

"Okay, but one thing dear don't do anything stupid," the old man said bluntly.

"Hey! Why do you think I'll do something stupid?"

"Because your at that age." Before Angela could say anything else she was thrown into the time machine. The old man got in started fiddeling with the dials and controls.

The author's comments:
This will go chapter by chapter because I want to know what you think and I'll continue based on your opinions.

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