The red light ALWAYS turns green

March 16, 2010
By StankaBug PLATINUM, MccOmb, Mississippi
StankaBug PLATINUM, MccOmb, Mississippi
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It seems like no one's on your side at the whole world is crashing try your best all the time but its just not good seems like when you take two steps forward you stumble ten steps back..everything seems to go all wrong and youre always depressed..somethings make you sad while others make you mad..youre sinking in sorrow..burrowing deeper and deeper into your own self..shying away from the outside world..youre entering that state of melancholy where nothing seems to matter get that feeling of hopelessness that overwhelms your mind body and think theres only one way have to leave this world or this just now something has gotta give..
All the problems are just too much to handle..
Parents putting you down..always on your back..neglecting you....are doing crack..
School is even picking on you..not knowing the things youve been through...that youre running from the feeling boiling inside of you...grades aint good teachers dont care..people wanna judge you for the way you look and the clothes you wear..
Bullies, drugs, horrible love lifes, rape, abuse low self-esteem...
These things threaten to tear you you that one shove that pushes you off the edge...............................
i care! you might think no one cares, you might think things wont get might feel like nothing is worth it..but trust is..i dont know you but i care and i promise you im not the only one..someone cares about you as much as i just have to find them..
"Im a geek, a nerd, an outcast! But im also me! I mean something, I matter, Im important to this world!!"
"Ive been raped, abused, used, strewd over. But im better now, Im still important, it wasnt my fault, I didnt deserve it."
"They pick on me, bully me, make fun of my clothes, the way I look. But its okay.! I wont change me for anyone. Because i am my own person and someone will like me for me!!"
"My grades arent that good, and my teachers dont care. It doesnt matter, Im not doing this for them, Im doing this for me! Because I want to be somebody, Ill improve, Ill get better so i can follow my dreams!"
Pick one...remember it..because no matter who you are, what people say, are whats been count! you matter! and dont let anyone change that! Be your own person and dont let problems keep you down...lifes too short.! You are strong and have endured alot! When you fall down, you get back up...and not for me or anyone else..FOR YOU!! What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger! Remember this if you dont remember anything ive said so far..its my own little saying..:

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