illegal immigration

March 15, 2010
By mcballer7 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
mcballer7 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Many people believe that illegal immigrants harm the United States. Many believe that they interrupt the economy and make us pay more taxes. Most fell like they get free food while we have to pay for it. Some are against them while others are for them. People ask if it’s an equal lifestyle between United States citizens and illegal aliens.

Many Immigrants believe that the United States gives them hope (which it does to some but not all). Immigrants have a chance to make money or to live in a house with heat/air conditioning. They can try to go for that big dream. America gives them that encouragement. They come over to America to live the life they never got. These are just a few of the pros of Illegal immigration.

Many Argue that illegal Immigrants harm the United States. Illegal immigrants can that put Americans out of jobs. They make a good impact on America to some but others beg to differ. As in how they can get food stamps and get FREE food while citizens have to pay for it. In my opinion this seems unfair since we are legal and get fewer benefits. But in their mind they think this is fair because we’re the legal ones meaning civic responsibility and they are the newcomers trying to get things started so they begin with more benefits.

Most people rebel against them because the united states seem to be strict about taxes but somehow non-US citizens don’t have to pay them. Even with all of these abd things about them they still can accomplish things that daily US people cant. For example: They come over and work for low pay to make a living while an Us citizen wouldn’t be down for that. They’ll mow a lawn, dig a ditch, or clean windows with good quality and bad pay. So in a government point of view they think it’s unlawful to tax them since they are not registered as we are. Many illegal people hop the border everyday but only about a couple of them get caught but many that do get across have a slight living chance because of the desert they have to go through.

Some of these kinds of people bring drugs/guns/knives etc. with them when they cross which isn’t what the United States wants. Some bring it for protection others bring it for different reasons. Some people don’t realize that giving the chance that they can hop the border gives about 500 people jobs in the US, also known as BORDER CONTROL. And they offer about another 50 people jobs for them having to handle transportation back while another 25 people doing paperwork on them. So overall the pros and cons seem equally balanced in that POV.

In my opinion it’s a hard decision whether they are good or bad. Though tons of people are judgmental and say a lot of things it doesn’t mean they are all true as how they say that Illegal Immigrants are ruining the country. Many people have different POV’s on this subject whether its good/bad/mean or nice but they should have a chance like everyone else in the US to GO BIG!

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Pros cons about illegal immigration.

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