Animal Rights

March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Annually, millions of animals are tortured and killed in the U.S because of animal research. Many household products and cosmetic companies pump their product into animal's stomachs, squirt into their eyes, and rub into their skin. Laboratories don't keep records of their use of animals, so millions of animals die without anyone ever knowing. Animals can feel pain and don't deserve to be treated like this in laboratories, it is possible to test products without the use of animals.

Animal research has been used for over 2,000 years, mostly in the 19th and 20th century. Medical researchers rely on laboratory animals to discover the effects of new medications and procedures on the health and behavior of animals before researchers experiment on humans. Animal research is wrong, en-efficient,wasteful, in-accurate, un-humane, and very expensive. There are many more reliable and relevant research tools and techniques that take animals pain into consideration. Recently people have developed a way to not use animals such as computer models and cell cultures. Which is more accurate, but many people disagree.

Many people believe that these products have to be tested on living organisms. How animals research is protecting human rights and soon animals may be able to supply people with body parts and organs. People believe that man has always been granted dominion over the rest of nature by God. Which includes using animals for research, food, clothing, education, and entertainment.In research, mainly for cancer, polio, diabetes, AIDS,and other health and major illnesses. That animals are very important to people, in every way.

Animal testing is both wrong and embarrassing to the animals. The animals can feel the pain and there are many different ways that companies can test their products. We need to start treating animals fairly and stop using them for tests. I believe that buying products that haven't been tested on animals is a good way to show that you care about the way that they are being treated. PETA is a good organization to be a part of because they actually care about the treatment of animals. Although I don't fully support some of their protests and campaigns, they show people that there is a way that animals can be treated fairly and for people to live normally. Also they give good tips and facts about all kinds of usage of animals.Such as, animals for food, entertainment, research, education, and clothing. They are trying to fix the problem and give animals the right they deserve. So ask yourself, could you hurt an animal that had no voice to speak up?

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