Life and Death

March 11, 2010
By zoemelo BRONZE, London, California
zoemelo BRONZE, London, California
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As I wondered through the damp rainforest, over and over again.
It would never end, or would it?

I heard faint, distant whispers in my ears. Coming from the left and right. I was always circulating, everywhere. Afraid I would encounter a dangerous monster.

Would I? I could, but I didn't want to. Demons, witches, and even vampires lerked the rainforests.
I shivered.

A bird flew from a tree above me. I immediatly flinched, and gazed above myself.

Nothing, just the branch hanging as the bird emigrated the branch.

Before I knew it, I had the wind blew out of me, someone - someone cold was pinning me to the cold, forest floor.

I gulped. I suddenly realized my eyes were clenched shut. I was terrified to see my attaker.

But I wanted to live, so I opened my eyes - that were closed tightly -

A beautiful creature had his arms beside my to arms, making it impossible to escape.

My eyes were locked onto this stranger. Why couldn't I scream? Why couldn't I look away?
Was it because I didn't want to?

His eyes were auburn - a sweet, sweet auburn - some specks flickered through his small eyes.
His lips were raised in a tight grin. As I thought of his beauty, everything disappeared.

His mouth was beared behind his sharp teeth. He was a vampire.
I did not want to die, like this anyways.

"Stop!" I shouted. He paused in his position - leaning closer to get a good bite on my neck - and looked at me, cocking his head to the right.

"I don't want to die. I am an angel. My name is Annabell.
Don't you know anything?" I asked.
I hopped that saying this would make him believe me. Because most of it was true, "If a vampire bites an angel, they'll die. Rapidly. You will suffer in hell."
I said, keeping my eyes on his.
"Is that what you wish for?"

He shook his head. Why didn't he speak? He hadn't moved his position. His expression looked thoughtfull.

"I suppose you make a good statement." He replied, his cool breath wiping across my stone cold face. "May you release me, Please?"
I asked, attractively.

Angel's had the same affect vampires did. Their attraction was very mouthwatering, appealing.

He got up in swift speed.
"My appologies. I was in the midst of hunting." He smiled, "Then you came along. When humans -or angels- interrupt, t's quite difficult to stop from biting then"

"That's how many vampires die."
H continued, "They kill angels."

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on Apr. 21 2010 at 8:24 pm
Annabell SILVER, Leavenworth, Kansas
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Have you heard the joke about the window? Nevermind, it's too dirty.


Here's some constructive critisism. I would suggest proof reading, because you have a couple words spelled wrong. A few sentences are incomplete, or not as strong as they should be. Other then that, I think it's pretty good. If you have any questions on what, search me because I have and account too.

<3 annabell

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