Animal Neglect and Cruelty

March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

The most common type of animal cruelty is neglect or abandonment. Animal neglect is not giving an animal what it needs such as food, water shelter or the proper vet care. When an animal is neglected it shows the ignorance in the world today. Is that what we want to be known for? We should take the responsibility or our actions. 13% of intentional animal abuse cases studies show that they involve domestic violence. Today animal cruelty is out of control, it’s practiced more and more everyday. In Nevada, the maximum punishment for the first offense of abuse is up to $200-$1000, or 2 days to 6 months of imprisonment and community service hours from 48-120. This is a decent punishment for the first offense, but if the case gets worse, more precautions need to be taken. No animal should be mistreated in any way no matter the circumstance, and if someone does neglect or harm an animal there should be harsher punishments for the individual.

Studies show that 70% of animal abusers also had records for other crimes unrelated to the animal. Abusers are known to threaten, harm, or even kill children’s pets in order to force them into sexual abuse or to intimidate them and make them be silent about the crime they have committed. Also I have read that disturbed children harm or kill animals by taking their aggressions on another victim caused by their parents. Another form of animal cruelty is called animal hoarding, which is when people collect large amounts of pets and do not care for them. The animals are often kept inside of the current place and are allowed to urinate and defecate there. Hoarders like to think of themselves as animal rescuers. Most of these people will not admit that their home is over crowded and unsanitary for the poor animals. State animal cruelty laws differ in their level of crime, but they all at least come out to animals are protected. One estimate showed that in the late 1990’s about 50,000 complaints of animal cruelty are most likely filed in the United States each year. Stated Lisa Yount author of the book, “Animal Rights.”

“In January 2003 authorities discovered the worst case of animal hoarding in U.S. history. An elderly couple living in rural Malheur County, Oregon, was found to have more than 550 dogs in and around their home. The dogs were scattered around the property, with some living inside the home, some in pens, and some in abandoned cars. Many of the dogs were sick and mal-nourished. More than 100 had to be euthanized. The remaining was distributed among various shelters and rescue groups in the area. The couple was charged with criminal neglect, animal neglect, and criminal mischief. Authorities discovered that they had been charged with similar offenses in 1996 related to the keeping of 200 dogs at their prior residence.”
-Pets - Pet Abuse And Neglect


There should have been worse punishments for this, such as prison for at least 2 years, and 900 hours of community service rather then just charged with the three above, and of course a large amount of money this couple would have to pay. This punishment is rather fair considering what the couple had done.

Another reason animal cruelty consequences should get worse and more severe is it seems people all know the penalties and charges for animal neglect and cruelty but just keep doing it, like this year I know there had been at least 9 cases so far! Can you believe that? This year has barley started. That is out of control. So if the animal laws get extremely unpleasant maybe just maybe abusers will learn their lesson and quit the violence act.

No animal on this planet should be neglected or hurt in any way, they don’t deserve it. Harsher punishment should be established whether it was on purpose or unintentional, there is no excuse for abused and neglected animals.

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