Four Big Coincidences.

September 20, 2007
Four Big Coincidences.

For more than a year we had been looking for a Dukes of Hazard General Lee Hot Wheels car.

One day my mom and I were driving down Mall of America Street, in Minnesota to our hotel. As we come to a stop at a red light our car stalled and we realized that we had just run out of gas. After this happened we were pushing the car out of the way when all of the sudden we hear this huge ROAR; we look up and there are these two huge bomber airplanes (I’m pretty sure that they were B17s) flying into the Minneapolis/ St. Paul airport. At the site of them our mouths dropped and our eyes got as big as saucers. After this a man pulled over and helped us push it up a hill into a parking garage and out of everyone’s way. A couple of minutes later, as we were trying to figure out what to do, a car pulled over and two girls asked us if we needed help. We told them what had happened, but not about the bombers and they went off and got us some gas. When they returned we filled up and followed them to the gas station because they had to take the gas can back to collect one of the girl’s drivers license and seven dollar deposit. They had two babies and we didn’t want the fumes to get in their car so we took the stinky old gas can in our car (we had a rental car. We called it the “Munster mobile” the whole trip). Later that day we were videoing the scene of the crime, as my mom called it, when we saw the girls that had gotten the gas. As we saw them our jaws dropped and our eyes got huge again. When they saw us they pulled into the Mall of America parking lot and we followed. We pulled over to talk to them. My mom had said that we weren’t going into the mall, but after this she decided we might as well. When we got inside we decided to go to a store and look for a Dukes of Hazard, General Lee car. We ran into a store that was about to close and my mom asked the lady who worked there if they had the car, while I just looked around. A couple of minutes later my mom couldn’t find anything, and we were about to leave when from all the way across the room I see a sign that says “Dukes of Hazard” that they had missed. I went over to it and there it was a three pack of Dukes cars. After a whole year of looking for one we had finally found two. For the third time in one day we were amazed, and this time super happy. Three days later was my birthday, and on my cake we used the Dukes cars, to make a scene of the Dukes of Hazard TV show.

All in one day we ran out of gas, saw two bombers, saw the same people after at least five hours of seeing them the first time, and found something that we had been looking for a year. Man that was one hectic day.

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