September 11th 2001

September 1, 2007
By Kelsey Kemmerer, Bethlehem, PA

September 11th 2001, A day to remember As the day we call today A memory we shall not forget The towers had burn But we do not accept All the blood and the ashes All the dead and the Scratches

All the scars all the burns These are regrets we shall learn All the fighting that we share And the people that we harm We must listen to the world And make sure were alarmed Osama Bin laden is one of devils man He tried to ruing are freedom for all of his men But when the day comes that we shatter him up

Its time for him to finally stand up First One towerÉTwo The pentagonÉand flight 93 We all should appreciate that were very free Cause days go on Nights comes fast Well all recognized the family that we each have Too many people died that day But now we stand up Its time for him to finally give up Cause todayÕs the day We lose all of our Men Cause there at war and not done yet We lost too much lives from the bombs And the guns But I love this country and Were very much one

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