The Baby Things

September 1, 2007
The Baby Things
Ishara lives on my street with my two friends Ruhani who is snide and desperate for attention and affection and Harika who once at dog food. Ruhani thinks Ishara is annoying. I like her because she holds my hand and makes me feel grown up. She calls over thing ‘baby sizedÕ just because she touches it. She loves the swings we play in and IÕm the only one who pushes her.
Every Summer Ishara, Ruhani and Harika go to Cabo San Lucas and that year was no different. Except that year Ishara didnÕt come back. Her parents say she was suppose to stay in the spa with her sister but she got out. Ishara thought she could swim in the big pool. It had a darkened floor. They didnÕt see Ishara and looked for her inside. By the time they did find Ishara it was too late.
My mommy cries and holds me, telling me she doesnÕt know what she would do if her baby died.
Five year later Amrita is born and no one remembers Ishara. Ruhani grows up too fast and Harika doesnÕt grow at all.
They had a funeral. I couldnÕt go. I keep the pamphlet with her picture and take it outside and swing in her swing and think of the little girl who wanted to be big.

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