Peter Pan or Raja-Man?

September 1, 2007
By Serena Seshadri, Temecula, CA

Peter Pan or Raja-Man?
My brother was always the cool one. He made every party cool and made up the funniest games. One time Raja even turned a game of monopoly into a bitter feud. I only had Raja until I was four all the time but then he went to college and called us on the phone and told us stories of college life.
After college my brother got a boring job which he hated. He quit got another job and got fired and tried again and got fired from that job too.
So Raja went to Africa with the peace corp. He taught little children English and only called us once a month over a broken phone with bad connection. My brother sent letter about the animals he ate. Everyone at my school knew and asked how he was.
After two year he came home. He smelled bad but he had the greatest stories. There was the one about how he had eaten five pounds of cheese, how he had to take malaria medicine which gives you hallucinations and visiting his girl friend who lived in a castle and whose family thought he was a bush man.
Raja said he wanted to go to China next but my dad said that was a bad idea. So he went to grad school instead.
When Raja came back, he had to get a job at the Defense Department. My brother hates that job too but he has no choice. RajaÕs too old to do what he wants to any more.
I have nightmare about having to do things like that. I donÕt want to settle like that. IÕm going to have a life that I want.

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