Bundle of Joy

September 1, 2007
By Serena Seshadri, Temecula, CA

Bundle of Joy Come on! I want to play with it.Ó My six year old nephew screams in my ear. ThatÕs not hel-Ó I try to say calmly as I try to shoved a inch thick wire into a opening a fraction of a centimeter thinner. Hurry up! IÕm bored,Ó Prudgwhal interrupts stamping his feet. Maybe if you donÕt yell in my ear, I can-Ó I say desperately sending a telepathic message to my mother on the other side of the room. She is trapped with aforementioned nephewÕs mother. I WANT MY TOY!!Ó Prudgwhal screams throwing himself on the floor. I shoved the wire too hard and the car wouldnÕt start. I stare desperately at the instructions looking for help. The ‘No tools required,Õ insignia glares back at me mockingly. ‘No tools required if you have a degree from MIT.Õ I thought, patients wearing thin. My nephew sees his toy is broken and lets out a noise which attains a pitch I didnÕt know humans could reach. His sixteen month old sister sees her brother getting attention and mimics him. Furious now, I throw the truck at the wall, smashing it. I ponder if killing you cousinÕs son counts as homicide. Maybe if they knew PrudjwhalÉ Over the yelling of my cousin as she tells me how much the car is (more than IÕm worth apparently) and my mother desperately trying to explain my behavior, I remember how cute I thought my nephew and niece were and wonder, Was I really that delusional?Ó

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