Heaven's Pathways

September 1, 2007
This is a story about a Good Samaritan, named Wendy. Wendy was a quiet, timid, and kind person. She was always friendly and acquainted with everyone. She loved the outside and its beautiful small pictures such as seeing a raindrop on a flower petal.

One day, she was with her church youth group caroling at St. MichaelÕs, a nursing home, and at the end of the carolingÉthey would pick a room in the nursing home and ask if the person, living there, if they wanted he/she to sing for them. So while the others went off to find a room, Wendy found the perfect room for her singing which she was shy to sing individually. It was dark, quiet, and only had a little bit of light coming through a small window. Wendy strained her eyes to see if anyone was on the bed that was in there, but she can only see darkness so she decided to sing in that room anyway because she did not see any personal objects lying around anywhere. She began to sing What Child Is This?Ó with a very soft and gentle voice that would be commented as very beautiful if one had heard it. You sing very beautifully. What is your name?Ó said an old, manly voice. Wendy jumped and turned around to find a man. A man that looked like he was in his seventies with only a few gray hairs in his short, brown hair and he had these glossy brown eyes that seemed to glisten with radiance. These eyes seemed to also show a sad and lonely man. Wendy cleared her throat and said sweetly My name is Wendy. Thank you so very much for your comment. If I may ask, why do you keep your room so dark like this?Ó The man spoke sadly Because I can only sleep and never walk. Well andÉI have no one to see other then the kind nurse.Ó Wendy silently spoke Oh. Do you have any family?Ó The man spoke while trying to smile No. A few died young, a few died from health problems, some died from heart attacks, and others died from car accidents. My wife died fifteen years ago in a plane crash. You?Ó The man looked down and almost looked like he was going to begin to cry. Wendy calmingly converse Yea. A husband, a child, a cousin, a brother, and an aunt.Ó Wendy noticed that this man must have been lonely most of his life. The man cried Well, anyways my time is nearingÉ.*sobs* All I want in life is to not die lonely and to be outside once more!Ó Wendy noticed that she needed to lighten up the conversation so she said to the man Oh, you poor man! Do you want me to sing something for you?Ó The man smiled and spoke calmly while looking at the window Do you know The Lord Bless You and Keep YouÓ song?Ó Wendy nodded and began to sing slowly with all of her heart and soul just to cheer up this old man. As everything vibrated with sweet song around her, the man smiled. As she finished the song, the man clapped for her and she said thank you to him. Wendy said contently Well, I better go.Ó The man whimpered Please donÕt leave me. My time is nearing. I donÕt want to die alone.Ó Wendy then, at this second, noticed this was a calling for her to do something to change someoneÕs life forever. Wendy came over to his bed and asked Do you want to go outside?Ó The man smiled and nodded. He sat up and moved his legs over. He got off the bed and fell while grabbing hold of WendyÕs shoulder. Wendy struggled to hold him as they walked down the hallways and to the outside. The man asked while pointing to a shimmering pond that was to the right of them Can we go over there please?Ó Wendy nodded and walked him over to the edge of the pond. He sat down while she sat down next to him. In the sky filled with stratus clouds, came a break through the clouds with the sun making a stream of light a few hundred feet below it. Wendy pointed at the stream of light and exclaimed Look! ItÕs one of GodÕs EyelashesÓ.Ó The man gasped ItÕs very pretty! God must be watching over us right now.Ó Wendy said with content Well, my parents call those streams of light GodÕs EyelashesÓ but I look at it a different way. It looks like a pathway to heaven; you know the soul flying slowly up to the break and then the break closes when the soul has entered it. So, I call them HeavenÕs Pathways.Ó The man smiled and peacefully said while lying down What a beautiful way to go to heaven.Ó Wendy said with hope in her voice Yes it is. Do you want me to sing you another song?Ó The man said quietly Do you know the song Amazing GraceÓ?Ó Wendy nodded and started to sing at first quietly but then loudly because she started to feel her heart singing and peace flowing through her whole body. She felt like she was in an angelic choir and singing to God. She felt like her voice was vibrating all overÉin the trees, the sky, the sun, etc. Then as she finished the song, another HeavenÕs PathwayÓ came through and directed its stream of light in the same spot where the two where. She looked directly up at the stream of light and enjoyed this wonderful pictureÓ from nature. The man quietly spoke Wendy,Ó Wendy looked at him with haste and the man whispered Thank you.Ó With one small puff of air from the man, the HeavenÕs PathwayÓ closed up and he was gone. Wendy smiled and looked up back at the sky with tears on her cheeks. Wendy said quietly Yes, what a beautiful way to go to heaven.Ó

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