My Territories

March 8, 2010

I have two territories at home. The first is the toilet room. The second is in my futon.

When you read the second sentence, probably you thought, "What!? The toilet room!? Are you okay??!!" Yes, I am okay. I think I should explain. First, I live in Japan, and so my house is Japanese style. Usually, the Japanese toilet has its own room and it is small and narrow. And also, in winter or summer, the room in a Japanese style house has a different temperature in each room, for example in the living room and dining room, it will be a comfortable temperature, but the temperature of the bathroom or the toilet room will be not comfortable in winter or summer. And I think I should explain about my futon too. Do you know what a futon is? A futon is a Japanese mattress, often on a wooden frame, that can be used for sitting on or rolled out to make a bed.

So my first territory is the toilet and I'll tell you why: it is the only room that has a key. That means I can lock the door, so no one can interrupt me. Second, this room has a lot of toilet paper, so that means I don't have to worry about needing tissues. Third, it has a chair, that means I can sit there and rest. Fourth, I can focus and study easily because it is a small space, and it is quiet. Fifth, I like small and narrow places. However, there is a big problem... the temperature! In winter, the toilet room's temperature is very cold and so I can't study and do much there. And also, in the summer, the room temperature is tremendously hot?like a sauna bath! Of course, I can't do anything in there, but when I was eleven years old, I played video games in the toilet room during summer vacation. I felt dizzy after playing every time, so I decided I wouldn't do anything in the toilet room in summer anymore. However, I thought if I put an air conditioner in the toilet room, then I could study or do something comfortably even if it was summer or winter!

Next are the reasons I love my second territory: my futon. The first reason is it is warm and soft, so I can relax. I can also move it anywhere; for example, if I want to watch TV, then I can move it near the TV. When I am in my futon, I always put important things around my territory, for example: the TV remote control, a trash can, a tissue case, food, tea, books, etc. Then I don't have to move a lot. However there is a problem too. That is, I can't use this territory in the summer because it is too hot, and I can't put an air conditioner in it. I think it is a difficult problem. I will think about it more...

I called these territories, "My World." The reason is because I have always wanted my own room very much. My house has only four rooms, not counting the bathroom and toilet room. There is no extra room, so having my own room is my dream.

If my dream comes true, I will put only my favorite furniture in it. And I will clean it on every Saturday. I think when I got my room it will be heaven! I'll invite many friends and have a party almost every day. And also I will be the ruler of my room. That means I can do everything in my room. And also, I don't have to go to the toilet room! I love the toilet room, but it is quite hard to study there because there is no desk. I think my room will be my favorite: My World.

To have your territory is important because if you don't have it, then you can't relax. I think your territory should be a safe and comfortable place. However, a territory can also be a dangerous zone. The reason is I once came back from school, had a lot of homework, but was really tired, so I decided to rest five minutes in my territory. Then after five minutes, I decided to rest ten minutes, then after that I decided to rest fifteen minutes and...(it was never ending). I think that a territory can make people degenerate. Therefore I always try to avoid resting in my territory if I have homework or something that I have to do. Probably you have as same as my experience, so I think you should be careful about it because if you don't then you would yield to temptation of your "My World" and you would scream when you saw the clock.

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