Why The Smith Family Was Murdered

March 4, 2010
By HeatherR. SILVER, Darien Center, New York
HeatherR. SILVER, Darien Center, New York
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The sun was bright and the smells off flowers and spring were in the air. John, Anna, and Sam were Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s children. They all had dirty blond hair; blue eyes, and had small built bodies. John was nineteen, Anna thirteen was, and Sam was twelve. Mr. Smith had black hair, blue eyes and was medium built he was thirty two. Mrs. Smith had dirty blond hair, and green eyes and was thirty one. The children were off to school and Mr. Smith was off to work. Mrs. Smith spent the whole day cleaning while the maids who were paid only five dollars a week had a day off. The house was big it has six bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms, three closets, a laundry room, a pantry, dining room, and a small kitchen. The Smith’s were planning on remodeling the kitchen to make it fit the whole family in it, but they could not afford it, because of the high taxes that they had to pay.

Then around one o’clock Mr. Smith came home with a suitcase full of money saying that he received a promotion, when in fact he was just fired that very morning. He spent the day talking to Mr. Bob and Mike Macintosh. Mike Macintosh had brownish red hair, blue eyes, also he was petite, and he was twenty five years old. Who became a millionaire at the age of eighteen by gambling on horse races. Bob Macintosh blond hair, blue eyes, medium built, was twenty four years old grew up with his brother, and his parents in an Amish village. Bob also became a millionaire by becoming a bookie for a mob when he was only twenty.
The Macintosh brother’s arranged a way for Mr. Smith to borrow the money and pay them back later with interest. Mr. Smith borrowed three thousand dollars and the interest would be twenty five percent. All together Mr. Smith would owe the loan sharks three thousand, seven hundred, and fifty dollars. Mr. Smith knew that he couldn’t afford to pay the loan sharks back, still took the money from the Macintosh brother’s and signed a contract with them. The contract said that if they do not receive the full payment in about two months that they would take his land, and sell his children as slaves. Mrs. Smith spent some money a head of time for materials they could remodel the kitchen with new cabinets, and kitchen counters.
Then two o’ clock came and the children arrived home and of coarse Sam was crying because her sister Anna and her brother John beat her in the race that started from the school and ended at the house. Four weeks later it was finally summer time and the kitchen was finished.Then it happened, the Macintosh brothers started to leave messages and started to show up during the night after the children and Mrs. Smith were sleeping. Mr. Smith would always tell them “I’ll have the money by next week.” But about another four weeks later the Macintosh brothers, sick of hearing the same thing every time after time whenever they ask Mr. Smith for the money and the interest.

They came so frequently at night when the children were asleep Mrs. Smith finally noticed that her husband had been sneaking out of the house at night. Mrs. Smith quietly tiptoed down the stairs and listened to the conversation between the Macintosh brothers and Mr. Smith. Then once the two brothers left Mrs. Smith confronted her husband. Mr. Smith told her the truth about being fired and borrowing money from a load sharks.

They came over during the day and children just got home from school and were playing freeze tag in the yard. They were yelling at Mr. Smith in front of the family that they wanted their money and the interest. Mr. Bob started to stare at Sam, and his brother, Mike, was staring at Anna while they were yelling at Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith told his son John to take his sisters inside the house and to get an afternoon snack from the kitchen, and to not worry about anything. John was standing by the phone in the kitchen just in case he had to call for help. He also unlocked his fathers safe and took the gun out and hid it in his backpack.
His father ran in the house locking the door behind him. He started to yell “Lock all the windows and doors immediately, and pack your bags, kids, we have to leave, so will be out of harm’s way.” John ran up stairs, Anna checked the basement storm doors, and windows, Sam just stayed in the kitchen. They checked all the windows, and doors then they started to pack their bags. Then they went back into the kitchen. They went to the kitchen with bags stacked in their hands, and they went one by one to the bathroom to change into their traveling clothes.
Their mother was crying and their father’s face was pale and he looked like he was in shock. Mr. Smith told John to take good care of Anna, and Sam, and to protect them, but to stay together as a family and to not be separated by anyone. The children were never told about their father’s money problems with the Macintosh brothers. All the children were told was that they were being sent to their grandparent’s house about two and a half miles down the road for their safety. Mr. Smith told the children to run as fast as they can to their grandparent’s house and, to hide, and try not to be spotted by the Macintosh brothers.
Mrs. Smith was still packing when the Macintosh brothers showed up to get their money. They brought with them their gang of guys that just got bailed out of jail a week ago. They forced their way into the house and went up to Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s bedroom while trashing the house as they walked upstairs. They fought with Mrs. Smith then tied her down to the bed and tortured her. To try to get Mr. Smith to give up and give them the money. Mr. Bob and Mike Macintosh held Mr. Smith down in a chair, and made him watch his wife being tortured. When Mr. Smith refused to give them the money, then it happened Mr. Smith watched his wife die after she was shot point blank in the back of her head.
Mr. Smith managed to escape and ran out of the room after they shot his wife. Her lifeless eyes were staring at the ceiling, and her hair hung over the edge of the king sized bed. Mrs. Smith’s body lay in a pool of blood.
Then the Macintosh brothers went looking in the house and then the barn for Mr. Smith. They finally found him in the barn Mr. Smith had hung himself, so they couldn’t question him about were the children were hiding. The two men shot the body to make sure he was dead and then they cut the rope and emptied Mr. Smith’s pockets. The two men then went back into the house to snoop around for the locations were the children are hiding.
They found the location to their grandparent’s house in an old address book hidden in Mr. Smith’s desk. The two men left and headed toward the grandparents house. Their gang left to go pawn some of the Smith’s property for some cash. Right when the children arrived they were taken to a tornado storm cellar to hide encase the two Macintosh brothers showed up looking for them.
Then the Macintosh brothers arrived but as soon as John heard the car and the men forcing their way into the house. John took his sister’s hands and told them to run as fast as they can to the train station. As they were running they heard the gun shots that meant their grandparents had met their fate. Sam screamed and started to cry. The two men heard her and ran outside; right away they spotted the children running. The brothers almost caught up to them but the children headed for a wooded area.
The children made it safely to the train station right when the train was about to leave. They got on the train and paid for three tickets to the next state. When they finally got to their destination at the Pennsylvania Train Station, the children spotted the two Macintosh brothers waiting for them. They went back and hid in a compartment but one of the workers told them to get off the train. They told him about the two men chasing them and how their family was murdered, but the man did not believe them.
They got off the train and then it started to roll away and the two brothers had smirks on their faces. They went up to the children and grabbed and placed the suit cases in their car’s trunk and then put the children in the back seat. The children tried many of time to open the door but they were locked from the outside. They went back to New York driving from Pennsylvania. The men were staring at Anna and Sam. They stopped the car at the Pennsylvania and New York boarder, and Mike when into a Hotel office. He rented a room with two beds for the night. They left John in the back seat and took Anna and Sam into a hotel room. Mike and Bob shared the bed closest to the door, Anna and Sam shared the other one. Every hour one of the brothers would wake up and check to make sure the girls didn’t escape. John stayed up half of the night thinking about what the men might be doing to his sisters.

The very next morning John woke up and the two men were heading back to the car holding Anna and Sam’s arms tightly. John made plains all night about how to kill the two men. They were almost to New York, and everyone was looking for the two Macintosh brothers. As soon as the two girls were put in the back seat John ran out and started to shoot at the men with the gun he found hidden under the cars front seat, since they took his dad’s gun when they searched him. The Macintosh brothers shot back and hit John in the stomach. Anna and Sam were yelling and crying for John. John stared at them and told them to stay together and to not believe a single word that the men might tell them. Back in New York the police arrived at the Smith’s house.
The first one to find Mrs. Smith’s body was Officer Dan Williams. He started to look sad because he knew Mrs. Smith personally. He thought that she deserved better. He personally knew Mrs. Smith because when she was younger they dated and were high school sweethearts. But she ended up cheating on him with Mr. Smith. She married Mr. Smith after finding out that she was pregnant. Then Officer Dan Williams went out into the barn and found Mr. Smith’s body. He gave an evil grin, because he hated Mr. Smith for years. But he still felt sorry for the Mr. and Mrs. Smith, because of fate took them.
About twelve years later the case still had not been solved, and Anna and Sam were not found. They were living in a small Amish village with the two Macintosh brothers. Mr. Mike and Bob Macintosh changed their names. Mike was now named Mike Anderson and his brother Bob Anderson. Over the years the Smith sisters fell into a fake love with the Macintosh brothers. Mike married Anna and Bob married Sam. They started families Anna was twenty five when she married mike, and Sam was twenty four when she married Bob.
Sam was happy that she couldn’t have children since she developed a disease that ruined her when she was born. Anna had a three month old baby that died from pneumonia a week right before her birthday. Sam was very depressed because she missed her parents, and their brother John. Anna went down to the cellar the next day to get a few ingredients for their supper when she found her sister hanging from the ceiling. Anna screamed and then Bob came running. Mike paid for the funeral. Anna was pregnant again and gave birth to another son. Then Anna became paranoid when Mike was at the bar and Bob was home with her. She went into Bob’s room and shot him with Mike’s gun.
Then she couldn’t stand the thought of keeping a child who’s father killed her family so shot, and buried her son next to her sister Sam’s grave. Then when Mike came home drunken Anna shot him and laid his body into his brother Bob’s bedroom. Anna went to the police later on that night and told them about what had happened to her for twelve long years. They didn’t believe her so they sent Anna to a mental hospital. She lived there for about thirteen years and then died from natural causes at the age of thirty eight. Later on Officer Dan Williams heard about Anna Anderson and soon realized that it was Anna Smith. Officer Dan Williams was the only one in Anna’s old town Darien Center, finally knew what happened to Anna Smith and her family back twenty five years ago.

The author's comments:
Ideas for this story came from a true story.

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on Jun. 11 2010 at 10:00 am
HeatherR. SILVER, Darien Center, New York
7 articles 0 photos 6 comments

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"Life is not meaningful unless you do something to make a difference."

IT Happened 20 years ago.


on Jun. 11 2010 at 9:58 am
HeatherR. SILVER, Darien Center, New York
7 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Life is not meaningful unless you do something to make a difference."

This short Story Is Based On My Neighbors House, It Is A TRUE STORY!


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