Mr. Fuzzy

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

“She’s only cute because she’s fuzzy,” said Kate’s dad. Holding her Robo dwarf hamster, he was felling her, or at least trying to. Snickers runs fast as the speed of light. Even though Snickers is quick and small Kate learned that you can tame and teach them for multiple things.

“Yeah, she is but look at her witto fwace!” She had a tear in her eye, “she’s sow pittifow.” Kate’s dad gave her hamster back and patted Snickers on the head.

“Go put her back,” he sighed, “I think you’ve had her out long enough.”
“But I just got her out.” Kate whined. Her father walked away solemnly, like “discussion over”. She droopily walked up to her room petting little Snickers. Snickers, two inches. Wow, that’s not big at all, she thought.
“My little Robo hamster,” Kate giggled. Their real names are Roborovski dwarf hamsters, but for short, its just Robo dwarf hamsters.
She stroked her for just a little longer, and finally put her back in her cage. The little thing burrowed her way down to the bottom under her bedding, then came up to the top, filled her cheeks with goodies, and followed the tunnel she just made down to the bottom again that led under her chewable house. Kate layed the wire mesh lid on top of her hamster’s cage. She slumped down the stairs and slowly walked over to her dad.
“Dad, what are we doing today?” asked Kate.
“I have to work Adam’s truck, remember? We’re almost done though, ok?” Adam is Kate’s brother. When he bought his truck, the engine was blown. His dad volunteered to help rebuild it. Only a few things were broke and it was supposed to be an easy job. By the lloks of it though, it seemed to be harder than expected. They were at his dad’s shop every night of the week until it was done. It seemed to trouble Kate’s dad.
Kate just didn’t know what to do. Her mom had no idea as well. Suddenly Kate remembered the event at Clement Park going on during Saturday and Sunday. You were ble to bring your dogs for practice agility runs.
“Mom!” Kate cried, “Can we bring Maya to Clement Park for dog agility?”
“Kate,” her mom said, “I don’t know I have errands to go do. This is the last thing I had planned to do.”

“Fine,” Kate sighed, “I’ll just ask Taylor if she wants to come and then maybe she’ll take me.”

“Taylor, can you bring your dogs to Clement Park? A dog agility event is going on there I thought you and Lucky might enjoy it.”

“Well I’m not doing anything until later, so I’ll ask my mom…MOM! CAN I GO TO CLEMENT PARK WITH LUCKY AND ASHES?” Taylor yelled hoping her mom would hear her.

“WHAT?” her mom yelled back.

“Hold on Kate.My mom’s being retarded because I can hear her perfectly fine, but she acts like she’s deaf so she can’t hear me of course,” she sarcastically said to me. She started walking toward her mom.

“MOM!” Taylor screamed right in her mom’s ear.

“Taylor! Don’t do that it hurts my ears,” her mom said sternly.

“Well, can I go to Clement Park with Lucky and Ashes?” Taylor asked trying to be calm.

“Yeah, I guess. Does she need a ride over there?”

“Umm…Hold on let me ask…Hey Kate?” Taylor asked startling Kate.
“Yeah?” answered Kate.
“Do you need a ride?”
“Well, if your mom doesn’t mind,” Kate confirmed.
“Ok…Mom, Kate said she does,” Taylor told her mom.
“Tell her be ready in like ten minutes,” answered Taylor’s mom.
“Kate, just be ready in ten minutes, we’ll be there in a little while,” said Taylor.
“Ok, I will,” said Kate.
“Ok, bye,” said Taylor. Kate hung up the phone.
“Maya! Tosha! Come here!” Kate cried. She got all their leashes together and got them to the front door. The dogs were bouncing off the walls. They didn’t know why they were excited, but all they knew was that the leashes were out, there were treats and water, and all the three of them had to do now is wait. Oh no! I had almost forgotten my phone. That was about to be a disaster. Taylor showed up and they quickly got all the dogs in the car and headed down to the park. When they got there, everyone was everywhere. Water buckets where out, dogs were having fun, and Frisbees were being thrown. Maya and Tosha were practically uncontrollable.

They finally found the dog agility. Only a few people were lined up and They were in luck. We gave five dollars to the lady and took our dogs through. Maya learned a lot, and so did Kate. She was so proud of her and her problem-solving skills. Tosha did just as well. Both Taylor and her were proud of their dogs.

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