The One Hardest Thing in High School

March 3, 2010
By KyBear BRONZE, Loma, Colorado
KyBear BRONZE, Loma, Colorado
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The most challenging thing about high school is getting along with the teachers. Teachers have their own way of doing things just like we teens do. Every now and again we get a teacher that we think just doesn’t understand us. We are arguing with the teacher a lot, trying to make them let us do what we want, and we are always trying to find a way to push them over.

Teachers have a hard job that requires them to be grading papers all day and working almost non-stop on with non-cooperating students or students that work at a low pace. Teaches I think get really tired of dealing with the crap. I personally think that is what makes them cranky and not want to deal with anyone that is younger than the age of 21.

Every time that I turn around someone is having problems with a teacher(s) that they have. They wine and don’t want to do anything in that class or those classes, but then the teacher get even more aggravated and get even crankier. Sometimes I wonder if some people don’t have a sense of humor or compassion.

Then there are teachers that are so bright and energetic that they depress you because they are so happy with life and you aren’t. Teachers are just plain weird and evil that you don’t even want to go to that class or even school for that madder. Teachers have their own ways of reacting to people like us, people under the age of 21, and try different things. When they find that works well with a group of kids, it doesn’t work with the next group and they have to find one that works for that group. Those we think are the cool teachers or the ones that we actually want to be with in class.

Teachers are like picking candy out of a bag that you just bought. You take one out and you don’t like it you have to deal with for a while. Then there are the ones that you like but wouldn’t try again and then there are the ones that you like a lot. School is just a part of life and the people who can deal with the pressure deal with it and go on and finish school. There will always be some that can’t deal with the pressure and drop out.

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