The One Hardest Thing About High School

March 3, 2010
The most challenging thing about high school has to be the daily battle with boredom. When I’m not interested in what’s being taught than my brain will probably not process a single bit of information. Boredom has to be the biggest obstacle to overcome while in high school, because when boredom overtakes a teenager, all hope is lost for that kid learning anything valuable at school that day. It is the teacher’s impossible tasks to keep all the students entertained. We live in the age of entertainment, where we always have to be doing something, whether it be surfing the internet, listening to music, watching movies, or doing whatever we feel like.

There might be millions of reasons why teenagers get bored, but I think one of them might just be the curriculum. If what the teacher’s are trying to teach just doesn’t appeal to the students, then the students, including myself, will probably tone the teacher off and their mind will wonder to something more appealing to them. Now I know that teacher’s don’t have much say in the matter when it comes to curriculum, but the teacher’s probably should be able to make the information more pertaining to real life. For example, the number one complaint I here in classrooms about what’s being taught is “When are we ever going to use this.” If the teacher could make kids like me realize that what’s being taught IS going to help us out after high school, then maybe we would pay more attention.

Another reason for my own constant boredom within the plain white walls is the scheduling. I know that this is not uniform across the country, but where I come from, school starts at 7:25 in the morning, which requires most kids to wake up at about 6 AM. This inhibits the non-“early birds” like me from really paying much attention at school, especially during the early classes. As teenagers we are wired to stay up to 2 AM every night and sleep in until about lunchtime the next day, so forcing us to wake up so early will only put us in a zombie-like coma for the first half of the school day.

The thing that continuously injects boredom in my veins is the way that some teachers teach. Making kids learn out of a textbook with no audible or visual help is not the way to go, especially when the students are confined into prison-like classrooms with no windows and beige walls. I believe it is the teacher’s job to at least try to keep the kids entertained, however a hard a task that may be. By giving students only boring bookwork to do, the kids will most certainly become disinterested and not learn a thing, which is what happens to me quite often.

If school could be more interested, than kid like me could certainly learn more about what’s being taught. If the curriculum could be more pertaining to real life then students may wake up out of their sleep induced comas. If the scheduling could be more realistic to how teenagers sleep schedules typically are, then perhaps students would be more alive during class.

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