High School Problems

March 3, 2010
High school means many things for many different people. To some people it means problems and heartache above all else. To others it means the best time of their life thus far. Still to others it seems like it is the most important thing that they will ever have to face. No matter what high school means to you, you will have difficulties. To some it is relationships while others struggle with grades. Personally I struggle with the lack of freedom.

Thus far in my high school career I have had anything but the typical experience. Perhaps the worst decision I have made so far in my life was dropping out of high school. However some of the experiences that had over the course of the two years that I spent in the real world have had an effect on me. Going from a high school setting to a work setting at a young age was a big transition, but I made it and embraced the freedom that it provided me. However as big as that transition was, the transition from work back to high school after two years was much harder to adjust to.

Upon returning back to high school I found it very difficult to adjust to the lack of freedom, which is high school. Even though I had to listen to someone and do what he told me to but I got treated like an adult. To me that’s one of the biggest peeves in high school, even if I treat the teacher like an adult most will not return the favor. The feeling that I have going into school every morning is the feeling that I’m going to jail for about seven hours. Needless to say that makes it kind of hard to get up in the morning, but I do anyway.

No matter what problems a high school student has, they allow student to relate to each other. The fact that all students have one problem or another is something that allows the students to connect. Even though high school doesn’t have to be hard students treat it way too lightly or in some cases take it way too seriously. No matter what though all students must and will find a way to get through all the problems that they have in high school. This includes the most difficult one, which everyone has and for me is not handling being locked up and treated like a child for half the day, but the harder the challenge the greater the reward.

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