Drugs and Alcohol

March 2, 2010
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Today drugs and alcohol are everywhere. At schools and parties. No matter where you go you can’t get away from the stuff. Every year it seems to become worse and worse and its impossible to stop it yourself. Like I never hear my parents talking about how bad the drug situation was at their schools back in the day. From what I hear from them it was barely even affected them. But now drugs make a problem. A big problem and the kids have a say in how we can stop it.

The thing I don’t understand about drugs and alcohol is that don’t understand why people would do them. I know drugs very addicted and stuff but why would they try them in the first place. People tell me they like how they can forget everything and just relax but it can kill you. I just don’t get it. Besides for the chance of dying from them it almost ruins your chance of getting a successful career later in life. Why would you throw away your career for a few hours of feeling really good? Lifetime or a couple of hours? Sounds like a really easy decision to me. But I guess not to everyone.

It’s not all your fault if you become a drug user or an alcoholic. With everything out there like peer pressure and bad family situations and choose to take the easy way out and once they try them their hooked. There is another way how drugs and alcohol are bad. Because you always want more. But the youth of the world needs to learn how to say no to make this earth a better and safer place.

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