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March 2, 2010
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I woke up in a motel room to a cold, foggy, April morning. So excited, and fearful I couldn’t move; as I laid on the hard lumpy bed, petrified like a dead tree. This was the day, the day I would leave the comfort of not just my home, but my country; to enter an unknown territory.
As I laid in the bed I wondered what we would be doing during the next week in Mexico. Would it be fun, scary, or wondrous? I didn’t know, but I would soon find out! I started to wonder when my Oma’s obnoxious alarm would go off, so everyone else would get up too. It was spring break so my Oma, Cassie, and I were on our way to Mexico to visit my aunt Kellen, and her boyfriend’s family. I was so… BUZZZ…. BUZZZ…. BUZZZ. “Finally”, I exclaimed as I jumped up out of the bed. “Get up every one”
“Shut up”! Cassie grumbled; Cassandra was not one of the people who wake up on the right side of the bed. As we all got dressed, and put our bags in the van; our nerves climbed like an escalator leading up to the clear blue skies. As we drove around Pittsburgh searching for a gas station we couldn’t stop talking about our upcoming adventures we would endure during our week in Mexico. We finally found a sheetz, and pulled in. I then realized that we had neglected to buy gum for our plane rides.
“What kind are you getting”, I asked Cassie as we both scanned the array of different choices of gum
“Ummm… Spearmint… I think”, she replied unsure. By the time we left the sheetz it was around 9:30 am, we had to be at the airport at 10:00 to check all of our bags in. Then we would board the plane at 11:00.
“There’s the exit”,I exclaimed when I saw the big sign saying AIRPORT. As my Oma tried to get in the turning lane she realized that the big truck that was previously beside us, was no longer there. We were in the middle of the huge intersection not realizing that we had just run a red light.
I looked up and saw a little green car right in front of us and I knew we were going to…
I woke up about 20 seconds later from Cassie screaming. “Mom she’s bleeding. Alyssa get out of the car” my Oma threw a tissue at me, and I jumped out of the car; not knowing how the door was open, or how I got out of my seatbelt.
I was in the grass on my knees trying to get my nose to stop bleeding. I looked up at Cassie; right when she saw me she burst out in tears. I jumped up and ran to the other car. I didn’t even care that I only had one shoe on, and the glass on the ground was cutting my foot. Once I saw the people in the green car I couldn’t contain myself, and started bawling. They just sat there with blood gushing down their faces. I felt like I was in a horror film, and we had just committed a crime. My body filled with guilt, as I just stood there unable to help the people we just hit. We had ultured the life of two innocent people, and it was eating me up inside. The words…
“Come on” had awakened me from my trance. Cassie grabbed my arm and forced me back to the van. I sat in the passenger seat and looked at myself in the mirror realizing why Cassie had started to cry when she saw me.
“Oh my gosh”, I yelled I looked like a chipmunk. My cheek had swollen up from my face hitting the bar on the back of the seat; which had caused me to black out. As the paramedics came I was made to ride in the ambulance with the boy from the other car, it was the longest ride to a hospital I had ever experienced. The ambulance had to have had really good shocks on it, because when I closed my eyes I felt like we weren’t even moving.
“Can you hear me Alyssabeth”, one of the paramedics asked.
“Yes”. I responded in a rather annoyed tone. They asked me the same question over, and over. It was getting on my last nerve, and I swore that I was going to get up, rip the neck brace off that they forced on me, and punch him in his face when he asked it again about five minutes later. When we arrived at the hospital they wheeled me into my room. I had people asking me questions here, and there, and i didn’t know who to respond too. After everyone had left, it finally hit me what had just happen. Everything kept playing over and over in my head like an old record player. Stopping, rewinding, and playing over again.

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